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The Somatic Academy Berlin is dedicated to the work and research of the living body. Originating in the English-speaking world, all holistic and body-centered disciplines belonging to this field are called "somatics". They use the body as a portal to the whole human being.

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Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen

Body-Mind Centering®

Body-Mind Centering®

Where classical movement trainings for stability focus on muscle strength, in the BMC classes we invite you to experience the bone system in movement and touch in order to find...

Seminarleiter*in Nina Wehnert, Heike Kuhlmann, Nina Spiri, Maren Hillert, Jennie Zimmermann, Julia Kleinknecht

Contact Improvisation Series

Contact Improvisation Series

What does this series focus on? The fall series offers insight into core principles, movement skills and qualities essential for dancing Contact Improvisation. We will...

Seminarleiter*in Elske Seidel

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement

What does this series focus on? In this closed group we practice Authentic Movement and get to know different forms. The basic form will serve as a starting point for a...

Seminarleiter*in Heike Kuhlmann

Collective voices & individual singing

Collective voices & individual singing

This event can be booked separately as a workshop or attended as part of the  Somatic Voice  advanced training. In this workshop/module we dedicate ourselves to different...

Seminarleiter*in Marion Evers, Martin van Emmichoven

Orientation & Paths (Alps)

Orientation & Paths (Alps)

This event can be booked separately as workshop, or can be joined as the second module of the continuing education  Environmental Somatics Training .  This workshop will be...

Seminarleiter*in Katja Münker


  • Body Mind Centering Training :
    „Somatic gives me more awareness and thus love and attention for my body. ”
    — Henriette // Berlin
  • Somatic Basics Training:
    „Thank you for the wonderful journeys through the inner and outer landscapes.”
    — Miriam // Berlin
  • Body Mind Centering :
    „I have become more sensitive to my body and its structures. I identify my body more than before as my home. ”
    — TL // Berlin
  • Somatic Basics Training:
    „Somatic teaches me to be mindful with my own body and myself. It leads me to an unbiased consideration of my needs and feelings. You could also call it self-love. ”
    — M.M. // Berlin
  • Somatic Basics Training:
    „For me, the Somatic Basics Training is a year of experience, research and learning that connects me with myself and the world again and again. It inspires and accompanies me in my own search for meaning. ”
    — KS // Berlin


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LAST CALL // Somatic Voice Workshop // 29 Sep - 01 Okt

If the free sounding of one's own voice is also

LAST CALL // Self Tending & Self Care // 05-08 Okt


We learn to enrich our organism such that patterns