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The Somatic Academy Berlin is dedicated to the work and research of the living body. Originating in the English-speaking world, all holistic and body-centered disciplines belonging to this field are called "somatics". They use the body as a portal to the whole human being.
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Selected events

Feldenkrais & Faszien-Integration

Feldenkrais & Faszien-Integration

Faszien gehören zum Bindegewebe, das aufgrund seiner funktionalen Qualitäten eine zentrale Rolle bei unser Bewegungsorganisation spielt. Als gleitend-elastisches...

Instructor Katja Münker

Contact Improvisation Frühjahrsserie

Contact Improvisation Frühjahrsserie

Somatische Akademie offers again five different CI series throughout the year with different teachers. You have the opportunity to continuously deepen your CI practice every...

Instructor Elske Seidel

Somatic  Movement Training for childcare and education professionals

Somatic Movement Training for childcare and education professionals

We start at the beginning with Embryological development. In this module we will experience elements of our embryological development through a series of embodied, practical...

Instructor Heike Kuhlmann, Adalisa Menghini, Ka Rustler

Herz & Zirkulation

Herz & Zirkulation

Dieser Abend widmet sich dem sanften Einlassen in die Herzregion, dem unterstützt werden durch die Lungen und der Zirkulation und Resonanzfähigkeit, die zum Herzen hin- und von...

Instructor Kai Ehrhardt

Flow and Regulation

Flow and Regulation

Fluids are a vast communication and transporting network in the body. Fluids connect, nourish and move us in various ways. They support presence, lightness, freedom, dynamics...

Instructor Nina Wehnert

Participants opinions

  • About the Somatic Academy:
    „A space for gentle growth and mindful development! With and by loving, professional companions who work with the depth of their own experience!”
    — Na Mi // Berlin
  • Contact Improvisation for parents and their children:
    „What better way to connect to your child than through contact improvisation?!”
    — Naomi // Berlin


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Aufgrund der Schließung der Somatischen Akademie bis zum 19.04.2020

SAB closed until April 19, 2020

The Somatic Academy is closed from the 16th of March