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The Somatic Academy Berlin is dedicated to the work and research of the living body. Originating in the English-speaking world, all holistic and body-centered disciplines belonging to this field are called "somatics". They use the body as a portal to the whole human being.

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Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement

Steady group for 8 dates on Wednesday + one weekend. "Authentic movement as a path enables experience of being part of a collective body as well as an individual body, and also...

Seminarleiter*in Heike Kuhlmann

Versatility, Bringing Inner Practice to Outer Expression

Versatility, Bringing Inner Practice to Outer Expression

In this module of the training, we will explore different ways of entering into the practice of Continuum. Through movement and awareness, through sensing and feeling we can...

Seminarleiter*in Jane Okondo

Open House

Open House

We cordially invite you to the Open House of the Somatic Academy Berlin on Friday, October 21, starting at 3 pm! To get to know each other, we have prepared a program of...

Seminarleiter*in Kai Ehrhardt, Marion Evers, Katja Münker, Nina Wehnert, Heike Kuhlmann, Zahiro Kai Esko

CARE // somatische Kindheitspädagogik

CARE // somatische Kindheitspädagogik

The goal of the CARE - advanced training in somatic childhood education – is to support babies, children and adolescents individually and competently in their development...

Seminarleiter*in Heike Kuhlmann, Adalisa Menghini, Ka Rustler

Fascia balance and upright posture: the Rolfing® method

Fascia balance and upright posture: the Rolfing® method

In this module we will focus on physical movement, especially fascia and upright posture. Adjo Zorn will introduce his approach of process-oriented Rolfing. Questions will be...

Seminarleiter*in Adjo Zorn


  • Body Mind Centering Training :
    „Somatic gives me more awareness and thus love and attention for my body. ”
    — Henriette // Berlin
  • Somatic Basics Training:
    „Thank you for the wonderful journeys through the inner and outer landscapes.”
    — Miriam // Berlin
  • About the Somatic Academy:
    „A space for gentle growth and mindful development! With and by loving, professional companions who work with the depth of their own experience!”
    — Na Mi // Berlin
  • Body Mind Centering :
    „I have become more sensitive to my body and its structures. I identify my body more than before as my home. ”
    — TL // Berlin
  • Contact Improvisation for parents and their children:
    „What better way to connect to your child than through contact improvisation?!”
    — Naomi // Berlin


Open House

We cordially invite you to the open day on 21.10.22,

New Training:

Somatic Hands-on Training  with touch and treatment approaches from 9

Alumn*ae- Netzwerk der Somatischen Akademie Berlin

Der Begriff Alumnus (m; Pl.:-i) bzw. Alumna (f.; Pl.:-ae) kommt


War, destruction, suffering, loss & death - the inconceivability of

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