Environmental Somatics Aufbrüche 2020
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Environmental Somatics Aufbrüche 2020

Abschluss-Projekte der Environmental Somatics Fortbilldung

Unter dem Motto Gestaltung von lebendigen und verantwortungsvollen Umweltbezügen basierend auf Körper-Wahrnehmungs-Praktiken laden die Teilnehmenden der 2-jährigen,...

Self Tending and Self Care
Seminarleiter*inRosemarie Kussinger-Steffes

Self Tending and Self Care

Module 2 Continuum Training

We learn to enrich our organism such that patterns that actually work against our system get an opportunity to dissolve. The revitalizing movements of Continuum change and...

Child Development 1
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann, Adalisa Menghini, Ka Rustler

Child Development 1

Somatic Movement Training for childcare and education professionals Module 2

The second module focuses on Infant Movement Developmental (IMD). We will examine the significance of tissue Tone, the vestibular system and primitive reflexes in relationship...

Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann


Strength, Elasticity, Fullness and Sensuality

The pelvis is our center of gravity and seat of the sexual organs. The pelvis plays a central role in movements. The reproductive and excretory organs are inscribed by our...


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