Somatic Workshops

Ensemble Thinking
Seminarleiter*inAndrew Wass

Ensemble Thinking

EN+DE | 2-day workshop with Andrew Wass

Ensemble Thinking (ET) is a system of collaborative group performance practices. These compositional exercises refine the individual’s ability to perceive, initiate, and...

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in June
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in June

DE + EN | drop-in

3h Workshop Body-Mind Centering® | Sunday | 1x Month With its somatic approach, Body-Mind Centering® focuses on the immersion into the anatomy of the body. The immersion in...

Breath and sound deepening - part 2
Seminarleiter*inMarion Evers, Bettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

Breath and sound deepening - part 2

DE | 3-day workshop Somatic Voice with Marion Evers & Bettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

"Voices are as individual, fascinating and diverse as people are." This Somatic Voice workshop focuses on deepening our breath experiencing and the Atem-Tonus-Ton® approach....

Experiential Philosophy
Seminarleiter*inDr. Undine Eberlein

Experiential Philosophy

DE | 3h Workshop mit Dr. Undine Eberlein

How do we perceive ourselves, each other and our surroundings? Perception and 'filters', self and other, resonance and difference Alternating between theory (with some brief...

Embryological Foundations
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann, Adalisa Menghini, Ka Rustler

Embryological Foundations

DE+EN | 5-day workshop in somatic childhood pedagogy

This five-days-workshop are dedicated to human evolution before birth. We will theoretically and practically experience the embryological unfolding that every human being goes...

Yoga and Psychology
Seminarleiter*inPia Witthöft, Robert Winter

Yoga and Psychology

2-day workshop incl. Trauma & (Self-)Regulation with Pia Witthöft & Robert Winter

On this weekend, we will focus on practical aspects and questions relating to yoga and psychology: yoga sutra and psychology: kleśa read psychologically - an encounter...

Trauma and (self-)regulation
Seminarleiter*inPia Witthöft

Trauma and (self-)regulation

3h Workshop with Pia Witthöft | DE+EN

A significant proportion of traumatic experiences are stored in the body, which is why a somatic perspective on the development and processing of trauma makes a lot of sense....


Educational leave (Bildungszeit) for Somatics?

Bildungszeit, Bildungsurlaub or Bildungsfreistellung are terms that express a legal

Become a Somatic Movement Educator

Somatics is a distinct professional field concerned with the

C.A.R.E | Somatic childhood pedagogy | from Jul 01, 2024

How can we accompany babies, children and adolescents individually and

Support the potential of your own voice in Somatic Voice

Voices are as individual, fascinating and diverse as people are.

Get to know Continuum or deepen it

Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine,

Somatic Summer Workshops

Summer season shows up some somatic workshop highlights for you: