Heike Kuhlmann

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Heike Kuhlmann

Heike Kuhlmann works as dancer, pegagoge, choreogafer and BMC® Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (SME/SMT). Her diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy (DIPL IBMT) has the emphasis on Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. Since her Master in Performance Studies/ Choreografy she researchs how somatics can support the artistic expression. Being member of the Global Water Dances Performance Kollektiv Berlin she dances and choreografs sitespecific performances on the subject of water. She works on the connections between art/politics and art/pedagogy/therapy. In Berlin she teaches Contact Improvisation, Somatic Movement Education (e.g. Embodying Movement, Authentic Movement) and Contemporary Dance.


Probeabend: Somatic Yoga


02.02.22 // 18:30-20:00

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