Events at the Somatic Academy Berlin (SAB)

Yoga & Somatics for Endometriosis
Seminarleiter*inMaureen Noe, Lea Lechler

Yoga & Somatics for Endometriosis

DE | series with 10 dates

This ten-week movement course in a fixed group supports people with endometriosis on their self-determined path in dealing with their disease. You are invited to join us in...

Somatic City
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Somatic City

DE | 2-day workshop Environmental Somatics with Katja Münker

Somatic practices for living & surviving in the city The city is a built and grown landscape of buildings, streets, and paths full of people, animals, plants, things,...

Dimension & Connectedness / Baltic Sea
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Dimension & Connectedness / Baltic Sea

8-day Workshop of Environmental Somatics with Katja Münker | Baltic Sea

This workshop expands and deepens orientation skills by exploring the experiential dimensions of height, depth, expanse, closeness, and distance. Philosophical and...

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May

DE + EN | drop-in

3h Workshop Body-Mind Centering® | Sunday | 1x Month With its somatic approach, Body-Mind Centering® focuses on the immersion into the anatomy of the body. The immersion in...

Embodiment and the Creative Process
Seminarleiter*inRobin Becker

Embodiment and the Creative Process

EN | 4-day workshop Continuum with Robin Becker

The focus of this workshop will be on the body as a creative process. Approaching the body with a sense of interest and openness to discovery, we will explore how the primary...


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