Contact Improvisation Workshop
Seminarleiter*inGesine Daniels

Contact Improvisation Workshop

Series | 15 weeks every Thursday | drop-in with experience in CI

Contact Improvisation Workshop (Berlin Kreuzberg)| 15x Thursday The Contact Improvisation Workshop consists of 15 units as a winter series and will take place every Thursday...

Continuum Intensive Course
Seminarleiter*inKai Ehrhardt

Continuum Intensive Course

2,5h Continuum Evening

Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine, deep sensory experiences that transition into a self-regulatory and involuntary becoming of movement. Less well...

Feldenkrais Methode Workshop
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Feldenkrais Methode Workshop

in awareness through movement with Katja Münker

What does this workshop focus on? The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is a gentle movement and perception practice. It promotes the ability to recognize and change movement habits. In...

Somatic Voice didactics
Seminarleiter*inMarion Evers, Bettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

Somatic Voice didactics

add-on-module for participants of the Somatic Voice advanced training

In this extra module Somatic Voice we will explicitly deal with the didactic basics of the training. There will be time to try out your own teaching in small groups and to ask...


Workshop-Highlights at the SAB in 2024

The year 2024 starts with a series of various workshop

2,5h Continuum Workshop // Dec 13th // 6:30pm

Continuum is important in self-regulation (health / stress / immune

3-day-Workshop Feldenkrais Method in Dance, Choreography & Performance // Dec 15th-17th

The conscious and multifaceted interplay of skeletal movement, perception, nervous

Become a Somatic Movement Educator

Somatics is a distinct professional field concerned with the