Continuum Workshop in June
Seminarleiter*inJo Koppe

Continuum Workshop in June

DE + EN | drop-in, no pre-registration

2,5h Workshop Continuum | Wednesday | 1x Month Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine, deep sensory experiences that transition into a self-regulatory and...

Body-Mind Centering® as base for creativity
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann

Body-Mind Centering® as base for creativity

2-day workshop with Heike Kuhlmann

Somatic work is a work of getting to know oneself, so that experiencing and experiencing are initially in the foreground. If somatic approaches are to be used for artistic...

Atem-Tonus-Ton® in June
Seminarleiter*inBettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

Atem-Tonus-Ton® in June

DE + EN | 1-day-workshop | 1x quarter

After starting the series in March with foundation and grounding, we now turn our attention to the personal and physical center. The diaphragm and solar plexus shape this...

Somatic Yoga Training
Seminarleiter*inKai Ehrhardt, Marion Evers, Katja Münker

Somatic Yoga Training

Somatic Yoga with Continuum, Feldenkrais Method and Experiential Breath

Was ist Somatic Yoga? Somatic Yoga ist eine Synergie aus traditionellen fließenden Yoga-Praktiken & dem somatischen Kernwissen aus Feldenkrais Methode, Continuum &...

Feldenkrais Methode Workshop in June
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Feldenkrais Methode Workshop in June

DE | drop-in | 1x month

The Feldenkrais method is a gentle movement and perception practice. These workshops "Awareness through Movement" are dedicated to everyday movements and focus on common...


Get to know Continuum or deepen it

Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine,

Support the potential of your own voice in Somatic Voice

Voices are as individual, fascinating and diverse as people are.

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Healing comes by activating inner will and acknowledging

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How can we accompany babies, children and adolescents individually and

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Somatics is a distinct professional field concerned with the

Special somatic workshops

Various workshop highlights for personal and professional development at the

Educational leave (Bildungszeit) for Somatics?

Bildungszeit, Bildungsurlaub or Bildungsfreistellung are terms that express a legal

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