Yoga & Somatics for Endometriosis

- Yoga & Somatics for Endometriosis

DE | series with 10 dates

This ten-week movement course in a fixed group supports people with endometriosis on their self-determined path in dealing with their disease. You are invited to join us in discovering the potential of yoga, somatic bodywork and dance for dealing with endometriosis/adenomyosis and related conditions.

Mindful movement significantly supports the body in regulating the hormonal, nervous and organ systems, stimulates blood flow and releases adhesions and tension. Bodywork also helps to deal with accompanying symptoms of endometriosis, such as pain, exhaustion or anxiety, and to perceive the body as a reliable partner again. The focus of the course series is on the development of acceptance, ease and self-care, joy in movement and strengthening a trusting relationship with the body.

1,5h Yoga & Somatics for Endometriosis | Thursday | 1x week

Series with 10 dates | Apr 18 - Jun 27, 2024 | on Thursday | 19:35 - 21:05 Uhr
Zentrum für Yoga & Stimme 3. OG

What does this course offer?

  • The opportunity to deeply experience the body and self through yoga, mindfulness, embodiment, somatics and free movement.
  • Information on anatomical systems of the body that can support endometriosis from the inside out, including breath, pelvis and pelvic floor, fascia, organs and nervous system, and exploration of this knowledge in movement
  • Space to share experiences in a fixed group
  • mindful touch in the form of partner work

For more information and registration possibilities, please contact Maureen Noe and Lea Lechler directly.

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For whom is this course?

The offer is aimed at people with or suspected of endometriosis or adenomyosis. All gender identities are welcome. People with severe period pain, PMS, vaginismus, fibroids, cycle disorders or similar conditions can also benefit from this course offering. If you have recently had surgery, you can also participate, but it is best to talk to your doctor beforehand about what you should be aware of. Yoga, somatics or dance experience is not necessary.

The course takes place in presence. We work in a fixed group with a maximum of 13 participants. The individual classes are designed alternately by us, Lea Lechler and Maureen Noe. We are endometriosis sufferers and trained yoga teachers and dance educators, but not medical professionals. A self-responsible work with the body is a prerequisite.

Who are the teachers?

Lea Lechler (she/her)
Lea Lechler is a dancer, dance educator, learner, endometriosis sufferer and more. She works as a performer and in professional training for actors* in the fields of: physical theatre, dance, improvisation, somatic methods and creative cross-disciplinary practice. The somatic approach runs through all of her fields of work, combined with a desire to enter into a loving connection with one's own body through mindful listening in order to creatively and patiently deal with challenges.

Maureen Noe (she/her)
Maureen Noe is an endometriosis sufferer and somatic yoga teacher with advanced trainings in trauma-sensitive yoga, Body-Mind Centering® and other somatic methods. She lives in Berlin where she offers movement classes that integrate yoga, somatics and embodiment methods. Maureen values a practice that is self-directed and liberated from social limitations, solidarity and community.


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Lea Lechler

Somatics, dance, physical theatre and teacher

Lea works on and off stage in the fields of physical theater, dance, improvisation, somatics and interdisciplinary practice. The somatic approach runs through all her fields of work, combined with the desire to establish a trusting connection to her own body. In this way she experiences and conveys freedom, liberty, trust in her gut feeling, self-efficacy, joy and a connectedness that allows peaceful communication with herself and with the outside world.

Photo credit: Nina Püchel


Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
10999 Berlin
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Hinweise 130 - 155€ | depending on income and self-assessment.*

Please pay directly to the teachers. For more information and registration possibilities, please contact Maureen Noe and Lea Lechler directly.

If the price prevents you from participating, feel free to talk to us.

*If you have a stable income from which you can live well, then the full price is appropriate. This is the price that covers our actual work and all costs that go into the course. The reduced price is for people who have a very low income. We trust you to make a fair and honest decision.


Maureen Noe
Lea Lechler

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ZahlungKeine Einzelbuchung
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
10999 Berlin