What is the Somatic Academy of Berlin?

The Somatic Academy Berlin is dedicated to the work and research of the living body. Originating in the English-speaking world, all holistic and body-centered disciplines belonging to this field are called "somatics". They use the body as a portal to the whole human being.

The body perceived from within is a source and resource for health, artistic expression and personal development and goes far beyond the "functioning" body. Perception makes it possible to relate more consciously to the social and natural environment.

The intention of the Somatic Academy Berlin is to collect and illuminate the diversity, advantages and limitations of somatic methods; to strengthen the field of somatic approaches through cross-method collaboration; to teach embodied knowledge in a professional way; empowering people to be autonomous, self-knowing and empathetic, connected to themselves and to a larger whole; and to carry that knowledge and experience into society.

The trainings offered by the Somatic Academy are aimed both at the curious and professionals. They establish connections between academic knowledge and the experience gained in body-oriented methods. With its work, the Somatic Academy promotes the recognition of empirical knowledge is an indispensable part of human science and advancement.


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