Get in touch with yourself through somatics

The body is for us the first step of learning and the first learning tool, the basis of all learning. The American Feldenkrais teacher and founder of his own method, Thomas Hanna, coined the “Somatics” concept, which encompasses a variety of methods, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In his writings he defined somatics as the “field in which the soma is studied, i.e. the body perceived from within, through self-perception.”

Our first - somatic - learning enables us the most amazing and profound learning processes: the first language acquisition, without any textbook or school, and the discovery of the possibilities of our own body. Both happen in a playful exchange with the environment, through perceiving, reacting, trying out, correcting and repeating.

Get to know somatics and experience somatic methods very practically in our 2-3 hour workshops.

Somatic City
Seminarleiter*inKatja Münker

Somatic City

DE | 2-day workshop Environmental Somatics with Katja Münker

Somatic practices for living & surviving in the city The city is a built and grown landscape of buildings, streets, and paths full of people, animals, plants, things,...

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann

Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May

DE + EN | drop-in

3h Workshop Body-Mind Centering® | Sunday | 1x Month With its somatic approach, Body-Mind Centering® focuses on the immersion into the anatomy of the body. The immersion in...

Breath and sound deepening - part 1
Seminarleiter*inMarion Evers, Bettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

Breath and sound deepening - part 1

DE | 3-day workshop Somatic Voice with Marion Evers & Bettina Spreitz-Rundfeldt

"Voices are as individual, fascinating and diverse as people are." This Somatic Voice workshop focuses on our breathing and sound spaces. We explore these with the...

Experiential Philosophy
Seminarleiter*inDr. Undine Eberlein

Experiential Philosophy

DE | Continuing education with Dr. Undine Eberlein

The central themes of the workshop series - how do we act and understand ourselves in the world, even before any reflection and language - are consistent, while the respective...

Body-Mind Centering® as base for creativity
Seminarleiter*inHeike Kuhlmann

Body-Mind Centering® as base for creativity

2-day workshop with Heike Kuhlmann

Somatic work is a work of getting to know oneself, so that experiencing and experiencing are initially in the foreground. If somatic approaches are to be used for artistic...



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