What is the Alexander-Technik?

In the Alexander-Technik, we observe how we use ourselves. We recognize that we react habitually (automatically, unconsciously) to both internal and external stimuli. The technique offers a way of interrupting this stimulus-response automatism and making conscious decisions that bring us into contact with the quality of non-doing. In this state we experience lightness, clarity and a natural organization in body and mind.

What does the Alexander Technique do?

An Alexander Technique session lasts 40-50 minutes. Using everyday actions (walking, sitting down, standing up), we observe and discover together how we use our organism in its entirety and where we can possibly do less. An Alexander Technique session is not a treatment but a lesson. The active participation of the students is essential.
Inner and outer (re)alignment. Pain relief, especially for back and neck pain. Increase in general well-being.

How did the Alexander Technique come about?

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born in Tasmania in 1869. He was an actor and reciter, but suffered from persistent voice problems at an early age. Based on the theory that he caused these problems himself, he began to observe himself while reciting. In the course of his many years of research, he discovered that his entire organism reacted habitually to stimuli. He developed the Alexander Technique in order to be able to communicate with this 'power of habit'.


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