Elske Seidel

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Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for over two decades, CI since 2004. Her boundless fascination and joy exploring and researching Contact Improvisation in all its depth and subtleties, inspires her workshops, privates, ongoing classes, and each of the projects she creates. Her work recognizes nature, improvisation and teaching itself as core sources for knowledge and understanding. Meeting the moment, she offers organic support for the individual and the instant community as it emerges, allowing each to feel, find and follow what they need to learn and dance. She is the artistic director of the Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura/ Spain and co-creates Dance Your Question: CI Research Week for Experienced Contact Dancers, CI Training Program Hamburg/ Germany, CI Basic Training Hamburg/ Germany and Nature as Teacher Workshops among other projects. 

www.elskedance.de – www.canarian.contactfestival.info



Probetage: Somatisches Basisjahr

Fragen und Antworten zum Somatischen Basisjahr 2021: 24.Februar 2021


The Somatic Academy can resume its teaching activities

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