War, destruction, suffering, loss & death - the inconceivability of the current events in Ukraine brings endless suffering especially to many innocent civilians. We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and the people on the run.

How can we help?

For example here:

Ukraine Hilfe e.V

Unicef: Emergency aid for children in Ukraine

A very differentiated overview of aid possibilities, especially in Berlin, is offered by this link:

A list of trustworthy donation organizations as well as tips on what to look out for when donating can be found here:
(We thank the Exploratorium for compiling these two links).

For more ways to help from within the competencies and capabilities of Somatics, we are in the pipeline.
For further networking to support Ukrainian refugees, please contact evers@somatische-akademie.de directly.


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War, destruction, suffering, loss & death - the inconceivability of

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