Somatic Basics Training - in english

Our Somatic Basics Training will start again on April 17, with a speciality - it will be teached in english in 2023.

We believe that people strive to develop and grow. The aim of our Somatic Basics Training is to provide the conditions that support this development through an integrative connection to the body, to make it tangible and to apply it to areas of life such as work, partnership, expression, creativity, and health. This somatic training uses body-oriented learning approaches that become useful for and within the student and take on meaning. The conscious exploration of movement development enables the recognition of personal patterns, the integration of body, psyche, thinking, and acting as well as the engagement of untapped potential.

Get in touch with yourself in a deep and subtle way - Enabling unfolding and development

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NEW // regular class // Vocal exploration and voicing circle

starting on 13th of June | tuesdays 8-10pm | with

SOMATIC VOICE Workshop with Marion Evers

fr-sun, 30th of June - 02nd of July // 10:00

Outdoor Workshop // Contact & Connection with Katja Münker

Fr-Su, 30th of June - 2nd of July 2023

online info event for CARE - somatic childhood education

Sun, 25th of June 2023 // 6:30pm-8pm // online with

Intensive Course // Continuum

Wednesday 14th of June // 6:30pm - 9:00pm // with