Outdoor Workshop // Contact & Connection with Katja Münker

Fr-Su, 30th of June - 2nd of July 2023 // with Katja Münker

The event "Contact & Connection" can be booked separately as workshop, or can be joined as additional module of the continuing education Environmental Somatics TrainingThis workshop will be outdoor.


It allows you to experience Environmental Somatics. It doesn`t matter how much experience you made before. It is recommended for people with ample experience as well:


  • to deepen the anatomy of the fascial connective tissue
  • to deepen the advanced training of Environmental Somatics
  • to practice body-awareness outside
In this workshop we use experiential anatomy and somatic practice of fascia connective tissue to harness this knowledge into experiencing and nurturing the deep, wide, interwoven being of ourselves with the more-than-human world and to create beneficial relationships with the environment.

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