LAST CALL // Somatic Voice Workshop // 29 Sep - 01 Okt

If the free sounding of one's own voice is also bodily embedded in the singing of the group, spontaneous 'sound fields' form, which are clearly perceptible both within the body and in the surrounding space. A kind of own singing as well as a collective musical life in the moment arise and not seldom the different voices form a piece of music, which is conducted as if by an invisible hand. The beneficial influence of other voices, for example in phenomena of synchronicity and musicality, is impressive and often very liberating and gratifying. The development of one's own voice is given numerous new impulses.

In this workshop/module we dedicate ourselves to different forms of individual and collective voice improvisation.

Somatic Voice Workshop Collective voices & Individual singing with Martin van Emmichoven & Marion Evers
29 Sep - 01 Okt // Friday 6:00pm - Sunday 2:00pm // Somatische Akademie Berlin


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