LAST CALL // Self Tending & Self Care // 05-08 Okt


We learn to enrich our organism such that patterns that actually work against our system get an opportunity to dissolve.

The revitalizing movements of Continuum change and inform the structure of our organism. Through de-acceleration we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, inviting serenity and calmness.
  • We open ourselves to the slowing down of movement so that the parasympathetic system becomes active: serenity is created in the brain.
  • We open ourselves to movements that remind our organism where we come from: Primal movements of all life are undulating and spiraling: our most primal body intelligence is addressed and stimulated.
  • Arbitrary micro-movements in joints, bones and fascial tissues that go spatially in all directions and have the capacity to address our entire organism in its complex diversity.
  • We leave the linear world of polarity/duality with all its limitations and enter the world of multidimensionality, thus automatically changing our thought structures through the newly stimulated interconnections in the brain.
  • Tones let us reach a wide access to our organism and at the same time stimulate it to tissue expansion.
  • Tones immediately change the quality of mass perception.
The less constriction and restriction prevails in our systems, the greater the possibility of self-regulation of the system.

The different breathing sequences in the Continuum change our breathing patterns that make us cling to the past. They make our organism wide and free from any restriction.


Self Tending & Self Care // Continuum Workshop with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes
05-08 Okt // Thursday - Sunday // 10:00am - 5:30pm // Somatic Academy Berlin

This event can be booked separately as workshop, or can be joined as a module of the Continuum Continuing Education.


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