Get to know Continuum or deepen it

Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine, deep sensory experiences that transition into a self-regulatory and involuntary becoming of movement. Less well known is the way Continuum invites dynamism and more powerful movement impulses, playing with various references to gravity, creating an exciting contrast to allowing movement on the one hand, and freeing oneself from constricting habits and limitations on the other.

A typical Continuum class uses breath, sound vibration, - minimal and interconnecting movements at a variety of angles to gravity. By slowing down, we find our inner rhythm and discover sensations and feelings that lie beneath everyday perception.

Continuum has meaning in self-regulation (health/stress/immune system), self-awareness (general uplifting life feeling/personality development/relationships), creative expression (trusting one's own/authenticity).

Get to know Continuum within the workshops on Wedenesday once a month

  • Jun 12, 2024 - Jo Koppe
  • Jul 10, 2024 - Jo Koppe 
  • Sep 18, 2024 - Kai Ehrhardt
  • Oct 16, 2024- Kai Ehrhardt
  • Nov 13, 2024 - Kai Ehrhardt
  • Dec 11, 2024 - Kai Ehrhardt

Deepen your experience with Continuum in a 4-day workshop with Robin Becker

Embodied flow system - adaptable, resilient, relevant and responsible 
EN | 4-day workshop Continuum with Megan Bathory-Peeler
Oct 03, 2024 – Oct 06, 2024

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Get to know Continuum or deepen it

Continuum is known for its focus on slowing down and fine,

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