C.A.R.E | Somatic childhood pedagogy | from Jul 01, 2024

How can we accompany babies, children and adolescents individually and competently in the development process according to their needs?
This is the goal of C.A.R.E - our training in somatic childhood education. C.A.R.E stands for the following contents: Creativity - Attachment - Resilience - Education. Caring and Care work brings with it the responsibility to develop potentials of each adolescent.

The C.A.R.E training consists of 6 modules and each module can be booked individually. You can join the ongoing modular training at any time.
Some of the modules are recognized as educational leave in Berlin.

For whom is C.A.R.E recommended?

People who want to work with babies, children, adolescents, parents & educators, social workers, social pedagogues, midwives, doulas, physiotherapists, pediatric nurses, doctors, teachers, alternative practitioners, psychologists, dance, movement, theater pedagogues.

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Q&A C.A.R.E // Somatic childhood pedagogy

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C.A.R.E | Professional training in Somatic childhood pedagogy

Jul 01, 2024 - Apr 03, 2026 | 6 Modules

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Module 1

Jul 01-05, 2024 | Embryological basis of our life

  • Developments of organs and musculoskeletal system
  • Developments of nervous system and senses
  • Developments of relations to the gravity
  • Development of attachement and bonding

Module 2

Jan 31 - Feb 05, 2025 | Development of child´s movement

  • Physical experience of individual movement sequences
  • Primitive reflexes, hold and posiiton reflexes
  • Developments of movement in the first year
  • Developments of brain, eyes, organ of balance

Module 3

Apr 12-16, 2025 | Moving, playing, interacting with kids (0-3 years | 3-7 years)

  • Contact Improvisation for tall and small, creativity and dancing
  • Body awareness and feelings, mindfulness
  • Bonding and attachment theory
  • Developments of child´s movement and reflex integration

Module 4

Oct 27-31, 2025 | Movement and learning

  • Understanding of the inseparable connection between movement and learning
  • Physical experiencing of the nervous system together with a theoretical understanding
  • Developments of the brain, nervous system, learning and movement development, movement observation/movement analysis, context/practical application/practical fields, case studies, recognizing compensations

Module 5

Jan 31 - Feb 04, 2026 | Moving, playing, interacting with kids (8-12 years | 13-16 years)     

  • Practical experiences for games, support and frustration
  • Contact improvisation, dancing, playing and creativity
  • Body awareness, perception, mindfulness
  • Touch and sexuality                

Module 6

Mar 30 - Apr 03, 2026 | Somatic working experience with kids and teenagers

  • Movement application, games
  • Support were needed
  • Touch and sexuality
  • Case studies
  • Graduation and teaching presentation

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C.A.R.E | Somatic childhood pedagogy | from Jul 01, 2024

How can we accompany babies, children and adolescents individually and

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