A Moving Inquiry Training Program

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a somatic approach through which we can inquire and learn to tune into our bodies as living events, as an ongoing orchestration of communication and resonance, as creative intelligence operating in every cell. 

We can experience that we are movement and that the movement we are can inform the movement we do. We can also experience direct sensory contact with an all-pervasive regulatory dynamic. 

Touching the history of Continuum to inquire into its future

Emilie Conrad originated Continuum in the 1960’s and developed it until her passing in 2014. 

This program - taught by an international team of 8 experienced teachers - integrates various decades of Continuum material.

All teachers were trained and authorized directly by Emilie Conrad during different periods of its development. They all carry aspects of the history of the work. By exploring this history, core principles of Continuum can be integrated and new impulses for its ongoing development can organically arise.



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Furthermore, Continuum can support our ability: 

  • to be empathic and relational
  • to be clear and decisive
  • to orient and adapt
  • to be vital and persevering
  • to self-regulate and harmonize
  • to be autonomous and team-minded
  • to act from the awareness of dynamic context
  • to process and reflect 
  • to be resilient  

Touching the history of Continuum to inquire into its future

This program - taught by 8 teachers -  integrates various decades of Continuum material. All teachers studied with Emilie Conrad who originated Continuum in the 1960’s and developed it until her death in 2014.

Emilie Conrad taught in a constant state of inquiry. While each step embedded and enfolded the previous one, it also meant students entering the work in the 80’s were exposed to different material than students entering it in the 2000’s. This program attempts to bring together various Continuum „periods“ by bringing together teachers who were introduced to the work at different times. 

The very nature of Continuum is to witness ourselves as a living process, open to the ongoing evolution of teachings and applications. Even though we follow basic core principles, Continuum remains an ongoing, unfolding inquiry into the mystery of conscious human life. Through the variety of teachers in this program, we hope to encourage students to trust their own inquiry, somatic movement research and to develop their own style.

For whom is this program?

This program is for lay people, somatic professionals, therapists, teachers, creatives, leaders, innovators - anyone who has a body - anyone who wants to connect more deeply to what it means to be human.  

Certification and/or Mentorship

Somatic Academy Berlin Certification 

Would you like to become a certified Somatic Movement Educator with specialization in Continuum work?
The Somatic Academy Berlin offers a 500 hrs ISMETA certified training to become a Somatic Movement Educator, which includes a total of 2 parts.
This program fulfills the requirements of a specialization training at the Somatic Academy Berlin.
You will learn to integrate Continuum into the larger context of somatic methods and approaches. Completion of all modules is required for certification.

Continuum Teachers Association (Mentor & Membership Model)
Kai Ehrhardt, director of the Continuum Moving Inquiry Training of the Somatic Academy Berlin, is a member of the Continuum Teachers Association (CTA). For more information about the Continuum Teachers Association go to:

By itself this Continuum Training does not authorize to teach Continuum.

Attending for personal reasons or needs

If you are neither interested in certification or CTA membership you can pick and choose individual modules. 
You do not have to attend the entire program.

General Prerequisite:

Please check with Kai Ehrhardt for details at


Die Teile

Ouroborus - Moving medicine from the dark -

Ouroborus - Moving medicine from the dark -

Continuum Training Module 8 with Kai Ehrhardt (6 days + 2 nights)

This workshop is dedicated to the themes of  life cycles ,  death  and  initiation . Over the first four days, a Continuum sequence is introduced, explained and practised....

Values, Principles and Methods of Practice

Values, Principles and Methods of Practice

Continuum Training Module 1 with Mary Abrams

Every somatic movement practice encompasses principles and values that guide the methods it embraces. Principles serve as the fundamental truths and foundation for the...

Self Tending and Self Care

Self Tending and Self Care

Continuum Training Module 2 with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes

We learn to enrich our organism such that patterns that actually work against our system get an opportunity to dissolve. The revitalizing movements of Continuum change and...

The Resonant Heart Field

The Resonant Heart Field

Continuum Training Modul 3 with Divo Gitta Müller

In this module we explore the resonant field and frequencies of the heart, based upon our embryological heritage, reaching  into the  transpersonal resonance with the planetary...

Embodiment and the Creative Process

Embodiment and the Creative Process

Continuum Training Module 4 mit Robin Becker

In this module we will continue with, and build upon, the themes and teachings of the previous modules.   In this part of the training, we will focus our attention on embodying...

The Art of Attention

The Art of Attention

Continuum Training Module 6 with Tone Gilje

In this module we will open different sensory doorway into the landscape offered through the practice of Continuum. Through enlivening and activating our perceptual awareness,...

Life Cycles & Initiation

Life Cycles & Initiation

Continuum Training Module 8 with Kai Ehrhardt

This module is dedicated to the themes of life cycles, death and initiation. Over the first four days, a Continuum Movement sequence is introduced, explained and practised....


sab team_Kai.Ehrhardt.jpg

Kai Ehrhardt

Founder of the Somatic Academy Berlin, Breath Therapist/based on the work developed by Prof. Ilse Middendorf, Continuum Teacher and Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapy)

"I had the honor and privilege to learn from the two founders Prof. Ilse Middendorf (Perceptible Breath / Erfahrbarer Atem) and Emilie Conrad (Continuum) and I am pleased to be able to pass on this work." Since 2012, Kai has been developing professional trainings at the Somatic Academy as well as programs dedicated to the application of Somatics in everyday life. He has been a co-curator of the Body IQ festival since 2015. Since 2003, he has developed the approach "Authentic Eros", which integrates - as a somatic application - bodywork, relationship communication and group-dynamic processes in the area of personal and interpersonal development. He is a member of the professional associations Atem, Continuum and ISMETA.

20190918_sab team_Jane Okondo.jpg

Jane Okondo

MA, RSME/T, a London based somatic movement artist and therapist, continuum teacher

She has been in the field of healing arts for 30 years - a Continuum teacher, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapist with Somatic Experiencing being integrated into her practice. She is on the faculty of the Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy training which is based in the UK, Lithuania and Russia, and currently on the board of ISMETA. Her work very influenced in her participation in the Discipline of Authentic movement and is based on the principal of 'listening' as the access to supporting presence and wellbeing. She loves being and moving in nature as a natural counterpoint for being a long term Londoner.

20190918_sab team_Mary Abrams.jpg

Mary Abrams

Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, founder/director of Moving Body Resources in New York City since 1999, leads classes, workshops, and private sessions with people ranging in age from 23 to 99 years old.  She loves movement in every dimension, has been immersed in Continuum for 25 years learning with Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, & Gary David; holds a masters degree in Consciousness Studies; and teaches on the MA Dance & Somatic Wellbeing course at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. She is eternally grateful to every person who has given her the honor to move and learn with them.

20190918_sab team_Robin Becker.jpg

Robin Becker

MA, RSME, is an internationally recognized teacher, dancer, choreographer, and founder of Robin Becker Dance
Her teaching weaves together her lifelong experience in dance, 27-year study of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, 37 years of experience in meditation and contemplative healing practices, and study with Gary David in Epistemics and Affect Script Theory. Robin was selected by Emilie Conrad to be an authorized Continuum teacher in 2001. She has a BA in Dance and a MA in the Humanities. Chapters from her master’s thesis, Continuum: The Alchemy of Movement, have been published in two anthologies on somatic movement practices. She currently teaches at Hofstra University and leads movement workshops nationally and internationally.
20191111_sab team_Megan Bathory-Peeler2.jpg

Megan Bathory-Peeler

Megan Bathory-Peeler is an expert somanaut, fully engaged in the moving inquiry of living in a human body and within the human experience.
For 25 years, Megan has explored the frontiers of embodiment and human relationships. She shares her on-going discoveries through her interdisciplinary work, Somanautiko, as a Certified Somatic Therapist, educator, performance artist, activist, and mother.
sab team_Divo Gitta Müller.jpg

Divo G. Müller

Divo G. Müller is a pioneer of innovative movement programs. She is one of the first internationally authorized Continuum teachers in Europe with further education in 'Jungle Gym'. Divo is a spirited teacher with a creative capacity to translate latest findings of movement science and fascia research into sensuous movement protocols and breath flows. She is the founder of "Bodybliss" a training program fostering women’s health and the fascial pelvic floor training. Divo has published several books, articles and DVD’s and teaches worldwide.
sab team_Tone Gilje.jpg

Tone Gilje

Norway-based RSMT, body and psychotherapist and Continuum teacher

Tone was trained as a Bodywork/massage therapist in 1977, in private apprenticeship and at ESALEN, CA. She is an advanced Rolfer® since 1988. She was introduced to Continuum when she trained as a Rolfer® in theUS, in 2005 she got her authorization as a Continuum teacher by Emilie Conrad. She has worked with Susan Harper since 1999. She is a certified as Psychodrama director.
From 14 years old Tone has delved into movement and meditation using various methods and expressions. In her practice and workshops, the passion for the mysteries imbedded in us is a driving force in her way of teaching and exploring. She is a member of the professional associations: PSYCHODRAMA, ROLFING®, CONTINUUM and ISMETA.



New cycle 23/24

Modul 1

Values, Principles, and Methods of Practice with Mary Abrams

18. - 21. Mai  2023

Modul 2

Selbstfürsorge und Selbstwirksamkeit with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes

05. - 08. Oct. 2023

Modul 3

Das resonante Herzfeld with Divo G. Müller

22. - 25. Feb. 2024

Modul 4

Embodiment and the Creative Process with Robin Becker

16. - 19. Mai  2024

Modul 5

Embodied Flow System: Adaptable, Resilient, Relevant & Responsible with Megan Bathory-Peeler

03. - 06. Oct. 2024

Modul 6

The Art of Attention mit Tone Gilje

06. - 09. Feb. 2025

Modul 7

Versatillity bringing Inner Practice to Outer Expression with Jane Okondo

01. - 04. Mai  2025

Modul 8

Lebenszyklen & Initiation with Kai Erhardt

21. - 26. Oct. 2025


Single Module: 425 €
Cost of full program: 3400 €
Earlybird of full program: 3000 € 
10 Installments full program: 10 x 340 €
20 Installments full program: 20 x 180 €

Repeater Price: full program 2400€ / single module 190€. The possibility of repeating the module depends on the room capacity.


Somatische Akademie Berlin
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  • Earlybird: 3000.00 EUR
  • Full Price: 3400.00 EUR
Zahlung nur nach Bewerbung

The Continuum training is a bi-annual cycle of eight modules.
Program entry possible anytime at single module fee.
All modules can be booked individually.




Kai Ehrhardt
Jane Okondo
Mary Abrams
Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes
Robin Becker
Megan Bathory-Peeler
Divo G. Müller
Tone Gilje

Daten & Kosten

  • Earlybird 3000.00 EUR
  • Full Price 3400.00 EUR
Zahlungnur nach Bewerbung
Somatische Akademie Berlin
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