Probetag: Somatisches Basisjahr

- Probetag: Somatisches Basisjahr

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An diesem Probetag kannst du das Somatische Basisjahr  (Teil A) und die Somatiker*innen-Ausbildung kennenlernen und ausprobieren.

Unser Somatisches Basisjahr hat zum Ziel, die Bedingungen für diese ganzheitliche Entfaltung zu fördern, erlebbar zu machen und auf Lebensbereiche wie Beruf, Partnerschaft, Ausdruck, Kreativität und Gesundheit anzuwenden. Das somatische Basisjahr nutzt hierfür körperorientierte Lernansätze und befähigt, sie in sich wirksam werden zu lassen. Das bewusste Durchlaufen der menschlichen, biologischen Entwicklung ermöglicht das Erkennen von Potential und Zurückgehaltenem sowie die Integration von Leib, Seele, Denken und Handeln.

Die methodenübergreifende, modulare Somatiker*innen Ausbildung umfasst zur Vollzertifizierung insgesamt 4 Teile (A,B,C & D), die je nach Interessenlage und Ausrichtungswünschen flexibel gestaltbar sind. 


  • 45 Minuten somatische Praxis
  • 45 Minuten für Fragen und Antworten

Du kannst am Event online oder vor Ort teilnehmen. Die Teilnehmeranzahl ist vor Ort begrenzt und findet unter der Einhaltung der 2G+ Regel statt. 

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Ausführliche Seminarinformationen

Didactic Principles of the Somatics Basics Training

In the interplay of different methods such as Continuum, Feldenkrais Method, Middendorf's Breath Experience, Body-Mind Centering®, experiential anatomy, Authentic Movement and Somatic Yoga, experiences and cognitive processes arise that are of great value for one's own development.

On the basis of each content-related module focus, we research and experience the corresponding body systems, effective principles, movement patterns, biological and emotional stages of development as well as their personal and social relevance. We make use of the fact that our physical development is in direct connection and interaction with our development of consciousness. Experience and reflection give us access to this. We create a space of emotional security and integrate group dynamic processes as support in the individual learning process.

Structure of the Somatics Basics Training

The Somatic Basics Training is part of our Somatic Practitioner education program. It forms Part A comprising 30 days (240 teaching units) over 6 five-day modules spread over one year. Part A is primarily for personal growth. Building on this, parts B, C, and D can be chosen. They enable the student to teach and work with individuals and/or groups.

Curriculum Overview

  • Module 1: Ground
  • Module 2: Space
  • Module 3: Individuation
  • Module 4: Communication
  • Module 5: Change
  • Module 6: Initiation


The Somatic Basics Training combines knowledge from 8 different somatic approaches in the following subjects:

  • Body - practice & experience
  • Body - applied theory
  • Philosophy/ context/ orientation
  • Application/ research/ integration
  • Processing/ individual and social relevance
  • Contained open practice
  • Hands-on

Module 1: GROUND

  • Contents: Beginning - being there - focusing sensory attention - the experience of the ground that supports from below - encounter with gravity and its counterforce
  • Principles: Arriving - Trust/ Surrender - Yielding - Tensegrity - Being carried by the ground/ the earth
  • Body Systems: Fascia-Skeleton-Musculature Synergy #1/ Cell & Cell Respiration/ Developmental Movements Overview

Module 2: SPACE

  • Contents: Distinction interior/ exterior space - spatial perception + spatial experience Alignment in space - recognition of possibilities, multidirectionality - silence - potency
  • Principles: directions/ orientation - kinaesthesia/ tensegrity - synaesthetic interaction of the senses in the perception of space - being carried by space
  • Body Systems: Fascia-skeletal-musculature synergy #2/ diaphragms - horizontal planes/ sensory motor loop/ organs/ front-middle-back body


  • Contents: I/ others/ experiencing uniqueness - being separated/ being connected - diversity/ integration part 1 - making decisions - balance
  • Principles: limits - wanting + choosing - yes/ no - center + periphery - balance
  • Body Systems: developmental movements/ proprioception/ skin - membranes / ear labyrinth


  • Contents: Communication with oneself, with others, with the environment - perceiving, sensing, feeling, thinking, acting - regulation processes - conflict management
  • Principles: closeness/ distance - diversity/ integration part 2 - flexibility + assertion - fear + solution - empathy - logic - improvisation
  • Body Systems: nervous system/ polyvagal theory/ head, larynx, mouth, hands/ fluids/ blood

Module 5: CHANGE

  • Contents: withstanding emptiness / creating space - being changed / changing - transitions / part 1
  • Principles: flexibility + hold - wish / desire / inspiration - confusion / irritation / disorientation - not knowing / carried in being
  • Body Systems: fluids - lymph / heart / lungs / rib cage


  • Contents: birth + dying - transitions / part 2 - releasing attachments - celebrating change
  • Principles: death / birth - embeddedness - basic trust - transcendence - energy - activity / passivity - being - surrender - sexuality - love
  • Body Systems: uprightness, flexion, extension / embryology - sexual organs / birth



Kai Ehrhardt

Founder of the Somatic Academy Berlin, Breath Therapist/based on the work developed by Prof. Ilse Middendorf, Continuum Teacher and Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapy).

"I had the honor and privilege to learn from the two founders Prof. Ilse Middendorf (Perceptible Breath / Erfahrbarer Atem) and Emilie Conrad (Continuum) and I am pleased to be able to pass on this work." Since 2012, Kai has been developing professional trainings at the Somatic Academy as well as programs dedicated to the application of Somatics in everyday life. He has been a co-curator of the Body IQ festival since 2015. Since 2003, he has developed the approach "Authentic Eros", which integrates - as a somatic application - bodywork, relationship communication and group-dynamic processes in the area of personal and interpersonal development. He is a member of the professional associations Atem, Continuum and ISMETA.

20190918_sab team_Katia Muenker.jpg

Katja Münker

Dance | Choreography | Performance | Somatics | Artistic Research | Walking Art | Mountain Hiking Guiding

Continuing education lecturer and director of Environmental Somatics and EMERGE/ Somatic in Dance at the Somatische Akademie Berlin. Member of the German Feldenkrais Association & ISMETA-registered RSME/RSMT/RSDE.

Trained as a physical therapist, Feldenkrais teacher, and mountain hiking guide, as well as in contemporary dance, (contact) improvisation, instant composition.

Conscious and embodied learning, the potential between individual freedom and collective inclusion in the environment, as well as joy, ease, and consciousness in the movement are the focus of her teaching. Her research-oriented practice is informed by deep-sensing investigation and reflecting evaluation. Beyond teaching her work includes performance projects, conference papers, and publications focusing on somatics and choreography, as well as on walking. Regular teaching at universities including FU Berlin, UdK Berlin, and HZT Berlin. Artistic research collaboration with AREAL_artistic research lab Berlin.

Heike Kuhlmann_bodyiq2019_programme.jpg

Heike Kuhlmann

Heike Kuhlmann works as dancer, pegagoge, choreogafer and BMC® Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (SME/SMT). Her diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy (DIPL IBMT) has the emphasis on Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. Since her Master in Performance Studies/ Choreografy she researchs how somatics can support the artistic expression. Being member of the Global Water Dances Performance Kollektiv Berlin she dances and choreografs sitespecific performances on the subject of water. She works on the connections between art/politics and art/pedagogy/therapy. In Berlin she teaches Contact Improvisation, Somatic Movement Education (e.g. Embodying Movement, Authentic Movement) and Contemporary Dance.


»For me, the Somatic Basics Training is a year of experience, research and learning that connects me with myself and the world again and again. It inspires and accompanies me in my own search for meaning. «
— KS // Berlin
»Thank you for the wonderful journeys through the inner and outer landscapes.«
— Miriam // Berlin



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