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The Arbeitskreis Kritische Somatik (AKS) invites you to talk about our privileges and starting conditions and not only to question them critically, but also to set them in motion and translate them into action.

Many things are now considered somatic. But what does somatics actually stand for?

Somatics can be described as a research approach in which the body and cognition enter into a dialog in order to achieve an awareness of one's own self. Only by consciously acknowledging my needs and feelings can I locate my body in the world and recognize my privileges. The somatic field is predominantly white and comes from a middle class social background. With this introductory series, the organizers want to address precisely this field. With the vision of a good life for all, Critical Somatics sees itself as having a responsibility not only to take historical, cultural and social contexts into account, but also to actively address forms of discrimination. This series of events is the prelude and introduction to these topics.

Topics of the Critical Somatics workshops

February 11, 2024 | Why Critical Somatics?

  • Intersectionality, body-mind split-historical contextualization, introduction to critical somatics

March 03, 2024 | Critical Whiteness as part of Critical Somatics

  • What is Critical Whiteness Research? Why does Critical Somatics need Critical Whiteness Research? White fragilities and somatic empathy.

April 07, 2024 | Feminism as part of Critical Somatics

  • Why is feminism for everyone? Why should Critical Somatics be feminist?

May 05, 2024 | Class as part of Critical Somatics

  • Material injustice, entanglement of race, class and gender

June 09, 2024 | Collective trauma

  • Epigenetics, collective reappraisal versus collective trauma, how personal and collective trauma can be connected or mixed? Why an intersectional approach helps here.

July 07, 2024 | Critical somatics for sustainable activism

  • Somatics for what?
  • From theory to practice
  • As an end in itself, we develop possibilities for action, can we engage in activism without getting burnt out?


Ausführliche Seminarinformationen

The workshops are organized by the Arbeitskreis Kritische Somatik (AKS).

2,5h Workshop Critical Somatics | Sunday | 18:30 - 21:00 | 1x month

The Arbeitskreis Kritische Somatik sees a responsibility within somatic work to establish the connections and interweavings of colonial, European and somatic history and to include these in somatic practice. At the same time, AKS sees the potential of somatic work for other areas of research and would like to build alliances. Somatic work is political and only effective when it also attempts to bring about change in the world - from the personal to the structural.

Who is recommended to participate in the Critical Somatics workshops?

This workshop series is generally open to anyone interested. We especially recommend participation if you are white, have a middle class background and like to attend somatic, dance or yoga events and/or if you are interested in body politics and are looking for access to body-oriented approaches.

We regret that the event is not accessible as it is organized without resources. The event is taking place for the first time and will initially be held in German. Staying in one language allows us to delve deeper into the practice. We would like to offer it in English as soon as possible. If there are whisper translators in English or sign language and you would like to support us, please get in touch. The SAB rooms are located on the fourth floor without an elevator. It is possible to follow the event hybrid, but the focus will be on the exchange in the room.


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Heike Kuhlmann

MSME, BMC®-Practitioner, dancer, -educator, choreographer, MA Performance Studies/Choreography 

Heike is interested in the unfolding process of human beings. It is more than the individual unfolding, but in how people can meet each other at eye level through personal development and inclusion of structural conditions in her somatic facilitations. Being a condition to become Critical Somatics. She accompanies somatic processes in individual sessions, courses, workshops and trainings. Activism and somatics are interwoven in her artistic work. More information on:


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Barbara Gamper

Artist, performer (MFA Fine Art Goldsmiths, University of London)
Somatic Movement Educator (Somatische Akademie Berlin)

My practice involves performance, participation, somatic techniques and textile objects. I like sites of cross-pollination, overlap, blend, blur, transition, and transformation - niches for other knowledge-making and processes of experience.

In my daily research and practice I endeavour to sense my body as a porous and fluid form — not ending at the skin — and to expand this experience in interconnection with other (human and non-human) organisms and ecologies. Herein unfolds a process of recognising and unlearning the hierarchical system and behavioural patterns, which humans internalise from culture and socialisation, in order to thrive towards a culture of equality, kinship and accountability.
I relate to movement (embodiment/somatics) as a form of care and potential tool for (inter)personal and structural change. In this process empathy, pleasure and play are crucial ingredients.

sab team_Franziska Benkel500x416.jpg

Franziska Benkel

freelance historian, author and somatic movement teacher

Franziska (she/her) is a freelance historian and somatic movement teacher. She works at the interface between cultural work and social work. She is a founding member of the Arbeitskreis Kritische Somatik and of the feminist working group Resistance_Violence_History. Since 2023 she is a parent.


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What does participation cost?

10-25€ | sliding scale, at your own discretion

Please pay on site directly to the facilitators. Please contact the Arbeitskreis Kritische Somatik directly for registration.


Heike Kuhlmann
Barbara Gamper
Franziska Benkel

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