Sensory Experiencing: Touch & Trauma

- Sensory Experiencing: Touch & Trauma

Module 6 with Jane Okondo

Trauma held within the body can affect a person's ability to function with ease and regulation. Touch-based work supports skill development and listening for the resolution of trauma held within the tissues of the body. 

We will explore different ways of bringing touch and relationship to establish a new somatic ground and coherency, such that unconscious behavioral responses are held and a new self awareness arises.

What does this workshop focus on?

Jane Okondo’s protocol for working hands-on with trauma comes from her background as a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapist, her teaching Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, her work with Somatic Experiencing (R), and the touch skills for trauma with Kathy Kain and Dr. Aline La Pierre with NeuroAffective Touch (R). We will also draw from Stephen Porge's Polyvagal theory to integrate the developmental and relational work needed for trauma hands on work.

Over this module the focus of the hands-on work will be through the lense of the nervous system, whilst also learning to recognize which system(s) of the body and relational field holds interruptions, trauma and/or dysregulation

The verbal skills that accompany this work are a vital part of the practice and allow for a depth and safety of practice. Also it is important to mention that this particular way of working with trauma also supports and helps to integrate other bodywork and hands-on practices that a therapist uses in their work.

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What is HANDS ON about?

In keeping with the integrative and interdisciplinary approach of the Somatic Academy, in this training we give a focus to various individual somatic treatment approaches.

Often Somatic Methods impart their knowledge in the context of movement and sensory education classes or group instruction. In doing so, some methods have also developed a large treatment vocabulary for one-on-one sessions.

Each module and the method(s) it contains has its own focus. Direct, sensing and 'listening' touch play a central role. The numerous, concrete skills and techniques that are taught meet the conscious participation of the recipient. The experience of being touched and being treated thus intertwine in individual somatic work. They are interdependent and thus become more deeply effective for the person being treated - as well as a source for personal learning and change through the felt body.


1. Rolfing®
2. Funktional Integration - Feldenkrais
3. Body Mind Centering®
4. Elements of Embryology
5. Elements of Cranio Sacral Therapy
6. Elements of Laban/Bartenieff
7. Breath Dialogue - Middendorf
8. NeuroAffective Touch
9. Sensory Experiencing


At any time it is possible to participate and entry to the complete training, because all modules are repeated cyclically.

Module 1

May 02-05, 2024 | Faszia balancing and standing upright | Rolfing® Methode with Dr. Adjo Zorn

prozess-oriented Rolfing® with focussing on these quastions:

  • What constitutes an upright posture? Is it innate or can it be learned?
  • Can you influence another person's posture with your own hands?
  • Is it even possible to maintain good posture throughout the day?
  • What role do fasciae play in an upright posture?
  • Do the fasciae work properly for me?
  • How can I improve their condition "from the inside"?
  • Can I influence the fascia of another person with my hands?

Module 2

Sep 05-08, 2024 | CranioSacrale Balance as base for working with body systems with Dr. Martha Eddy

  • Make contact with the CranioSacral rhythm and CerebroSpinal fluid and apply to other tissues - organs, muscles, bones, some of the senses and some of the various circulating fluids of the body
  • Phrasing touch using the Dynamic Embodiment approach that begins with CranioSacral HarmonicsTM as the foundation for deep access to each tissue type of the body's various physiological systems

Module 3

Dec 12-15, 2024 | Functional Integration | Feldenkrais Methode with Bernhard Mumm

  • Self-exploration, partner work, being moved and moving, exploring qualities of touch, living anatomy
  • Through touch and movement, givers and receivers sense movement patterns and limitations together
  • Discover previously unused movement potential and playfully expand the range of motion

Module 4

Mar 06-09, 2025 | Cells & body systems | BMC® | IBMT with Odile Seitz-Walser

  • Dialogue between the body, sensations, emotions, thoughts and experiences at the tissue and cellular level, both in the hands of the practitioner and in the body-mind of the client
  • A journey into the unknown, into the self-organizing forces of the thinking, feeling, expressing and living body, the soma
  • A journey into the past knowledge and experience of embryology and development

Module 5

Jun 05-08, 2025 | Experiential Breath related to Middendorf with Hiltrud Lampe

  • Breath moves the whole body when we are permeable to the movement of breath
  • "breath conversations", perceiving vibrations of the breath in the body.
  • Permeability for the breath can grow and the feeling for space and one's own rhythm can flourish, also being touched, strength and serenity can come along.
  • Introduction to feelings, trust and encounter - because breath connects

Module 6

Sep 30 - Oct 05, 2025 | Sensory Experiencing: Trauma & Touch with Jane Okondo

  • Touch-based work supports skill development and listening to resolve trauma stored in body tissues
  • Exploring different ways to combine touch and relationship to create a new somatic base and coherence so that unconscious behavioral responses are held and a new sense of self emerges

What will the Continuing Education Somatic Hands on enable to do?

It allows you to grow your expereinces and know how with a broad spectrum of methods, their strengths, effects, similarities, complements, differences and limitations. Of course, each individual method has more knowledge to offer. This training provides an overview, imparts basic knowledge and inspires an inter-disciplinary way of working. Each module teaches and concludes with a treatment sequence that addresses the entire body.

For whom is this program?

This program is for lay people, somatic professionals, bodyworkers, therapists, teachers, creatives - anyone who wants to experience and learn about the powerful impact attentive touch has on the emotional and physical wellbeing.

The entire training is certified by the Somatic Academy Berlin. All modules can be booked separately. It is recommended to receive and to give a minimum of 4 treatments after participating. 



20190918_sab team_Jane Okondo.jpg

Jane Okondo

MA, RSME/T, a London based somatic movement artist, continuum teacher, biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapist

She has been in the field of healing arts for 30 years - a Continuum teacher, Biodynamic Cranio Sacral therapist with Somatic Experiencing being integrated into her practice. She is on the faculty of the Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy training which is based in the UK, Lithuania and Russia, and currently on the board of ISMETA. Her work very influenced in her participation in the Discipline of Authentic movement and is based on the principal of 'listening' as the access to supporting presence and wellbeing. She loves being and moving in nature as a natural counterpoint for being a long term Londoner.

Sensory Experiencing: Touch & Trauma

EN | 6-day workshop Somatic Hands On with Jane Okondo
Sep. 30 2025 – Oct. 5 2025




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This module is part of the continuing education Somatic Hands On. It is seperatly bookable as well:

Sensory Experiencing: Touch & Trauma

EN | 6-day workshop Somatic Hands On with Jane Okondo
Sep. 30 2025 – Oct. 5 2025


Jane Okondo

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  • Earlybird 640.00 EUR
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