Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May

- Body-Mind Centering® Workshop in May

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3h Workshop Body-Mind Centering® | Sunday | 1x Month

With its somatic approach, Body-Mind Centering® focuses on the immersion into the anatomy of the body. The immersion in a physical structure, like the bones, allows one to discover qualities of movement, that are embodied within the structure such as stability, mobility or balance. Touch, somatization and movement are used.

What is supported by practicing BMC®?

A regular BMC® practice can help to notice and overwrite old patterns and to find relieve for overloaded body structures. The experience of the alive and complex body can be supportive for everyday life. Body-Mind Centering® is a creative method where each class can vary in its structure depending on the theme of the class. It can be more calm or more active. A regular practice supports the development of the inner creative potentical, self-efficacy and self-agency. The sharing of the inner experience with others enables an experience of connectedness without loosing ones diference.

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What does the workshop focus on?

In this three-hour format, we dive into the depths of our own experience. Somatization and hands-on based on a specific foci out of experiential anatomy and/or early childhood movement patterns invite everyone to reawaken their own bodily connection, to regenerate, to discover the joy of movement and to find their own creative potential in space alone and with others. Before ending with sharing with others, there will be time for movement, dance and other creative expression Each event picks up on the seasonal and social mood and looks for supporting and appropriate somatic themes.

What is Body-Mind Centering®? Get more information here.

When does the Body-Mind Centering® with Heike Kuhlmann take place?

Each workshop can be booked individually. It will take place on Sunday 6:15-9:15pm.

Dates 2024

  • Jan 21
  • Feb 18
  • Mar 17
  • Apr 14
  • May 12
  • Jun 23
  • Jul 14
  • Sep 22
  • Oct 13
  • Nov 17
  • Dec 15


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Heike Kuhlmann

MSME, BMC®-Practitioner, dancer, -educator, choreographer, MA Performance Studies/Choreography 

Heike is interested in the unfolding process of human beings. It is more than the individual unfolding, but in how people can meet each other at eye level through personal development and inclusion of structural conditions in her somatic facilitations. Being a condition to become Critical Somatics. She accompanies somatic processes in individual sessions, courses, workshops and trainings. Activism and somatics are interwoven in her artistic work. More information on:



6:15 - 9:15pm
SAB Studio 1
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
  • Full Price: 25.00 EUR
  • Supporter Price: 40.00 EUR
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How much does the BMC® workshop cost?

25€-40€ | drop-in is possible

The participation of all 11 dates (€250-€400) can be certified.

Please pay on site directly to the facilitator and don´t hesitate to contact Heike Kuhlmann if you have questions.


Heike Kuhlmann

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SAB Studio 1
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30