Marcelo Gabriel Bizzarri


Marcelo Gabriel Bizzarri

Thai Massage Therapist, Theater Teacher, Dancer, Yoga Instructor, Global Activ Streching® Instructor

For a few years the study of Thai massage has caught me. I have been able to study different methods and lineages, all of them with the possibility of generating valuable results in people's health. The elements of massage, such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, acupressure and stretching favor better functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, digestive processes and reduce levels of stress and body tension.
As a masseur I found the possibility of establishing a kind and attentive bond with the person receiving the massage.
From the first contact, a kind of choreography is created in which the masseur proposes and invites the patient to trust his movements, to trust the diversity of touches that are part of the technique, with which to stimulate the patient and enable the desired effects. Therefore, attentive and constant listening to the needs of the person receiving the massage are especially taken into account.
The continuous practice of this massage technique undoubtedly contributes to a better quality of life, for this reason it also fills me with joy to be able to contribute in this sense by offering a massage to all those who wish to discover or deepen in this beautiful path.


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