Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation

with Gesine Daniels

Jan. 13 2022 – Mar. 17 2022

10 classes starting on January, 13th and ending on March, 17th, 2022 

This course is an opportunity - again or for the first time - to deal with some essential topics of Contact Improvisation (CI) and thus to enhance, develop, and consolidate your CI-vocabulary.

We will concern ourselves with:

  • orienting and communicating through touch;
  • connectedness, permeability, and autonomy within one’s own body;
  • staying physically and mentally present, receptive and active in any given moment of the dance;
  • releasing your own weight while making use of gravity, momentum, and centrifugal force;
  • falling and landing safely;
  • receiving the weight of your partner in movement, supporting and transporting it;
  • becoming familiar and feeling safe with disorientation. 

Working solo as well as together with one or more partners you will sense and explore your own current situation, recognize its physical and creative possibilities and limitations and play with that. You will be practicing tried and tested movement pathways and -principles, as well as cultivating your interest in not-knowing, observing, and allowing movement to happen and evolve.

By doing so, everyone in the class has the chance to practice and learn based on their own actual level, state and questions; and by this means actively experience, apply, and increasingly internalize the principles of CI.

The continuous practice together with a familiar group of people opens possibilities to deal with individual themes and issues, which are popping up in the course of practicing and dancing, in a more personal and intensive way. You will gain more confidence in your own impulses and movement possibilities, presence, and clarity as you’re sharing the dance. This will give you a sound basis for an increasingly natural, playful, and engaged flow of communication with your dance-partners; … and bring even more joy to your dancing.

This workshop will only take place live and in the studio. The number of participants is limited to 16 people. 

The 2G+ regulation applies (fully vaccinated or recovered + a negative test result). 

As a registered participant, you will receive detailed information about the updated pandemic regulations a few days before the start of the workshop. 

Level: mixed; everybody is welcome; we will work with the knowledge and questions that each of you brings to the classes


Registration and payment: in advance and directly to Gesine Daniels


In case you’d like to know more about my background and my motivation for this workshop, here is some more to read:


Gesine Daniels

I identify, live, and work mainly as a movement practitioner with a very strong base in CI and a focus on somatic movement and improvisation as performance art, bodyworker, dancer/performer, mediator, coach, queer parent, grandparent, and family manager.

My practice of CI started in the mid-’80s in Germany, the US, and Amsterdam.

Working internationally and mostly as a freelancer I’m teaching CI since the end of the ’80s.  My teaching of CI takes place in contexts that span from CI festivals and local workshops and classes to schools, universities, and interdisciplinary approaches in the training of social workers, physiotherapists, school teachers, and more. People I’ve been working with, come from a wide range of ages, social, educational, and local backgrounds.

During the 2 years of the pandemic I’ve been practicing movement mostly in contact with furniture, floors, walls, sometimes with trees, stones, water, and other non-humans „bodies“ - spiced up by a few longer dance-dates with one other person, very few very small jams and some teaching.

Now I’m longing for the intimacy, the surprises, and the challenges of sharing space, touch, weight, and momentum, as I’m improvising and exploring movement in contact with one and then more people through the practice of CI.

And I am curious about how this long period of extensive solo explorations will inform and influence my teaching of CI and my practice together with a group of people in the same space.

I want to continue paying attention to what has and hasn’t changed for me and - after all these years of practicing CI - consciously open yet another chapter in my dancing and teaching of the form.

So in a way teaching, this course is part of my process of reentering the practice of CI with a group of people in the same space.

So I’m looking forward to bringing my own process of re-entering the CI-practice and the CI community to this workshop by sharing my knowledge and experience as well as my questions and explorations with you. 


Ausführliche Seminarinformationen

Somatische Akademie offers again different CI series throughout the year with different teachers.

You have the opportunity to continuously deepen your CI practice every Thursday evening.

The series are open to all levels and aim to be inspiring for people with previous experience in CI and also work for newbies to Contact Improvisation. Basic techniques and qualities of CI form the basis of each series. Each teacher will introduce specific topics and interests.

We will feel, explore, experience, learn and dance a lot!

photo@ Erik Thompson-Green


Gesine Daniels

Gesine Daniels (Berlin/Germany) is a performer, director, and movement-teacher working internationally, dancing and creating in a wide range of events and places from opera to street performance, solo and group work.

Co-founder of SomeBodyElseDanceCompany, which works with Improvisation and Contact Improvisation in their mostly site-specific dance pieces.

Teaching CI, Improvisation and Release-based Technique since 1989 across various communities, in social ghettos, theatre schools, and Universities; working with children in primary schools as well as with educated dancers and with everybody who is willing to study, improvise and compose movement through dancing CI.

Fascinated and drawn by the complexity of the body and its movement possibilities, by the practice of communication and decision-making in Improvisation that CI offers, and by the political and social relevance of this dance form.

Enjoys dancing with students, listening to their dance, and teaching through my body as well as using words and reflecting together.


€ 180-240 (give what you can)


Jan. 13 2022 –
Mar. 17 2022
SAB Studio 1
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30


Gesine Daniels


KursspracheEN + DE
SAB Studio 1
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30