Embodiment and the Creative Process

- Embodiment and the Creative Process

EN+DE | 4-day workshop Continuum with Robin Becker

The focus of this workshop will be on the body as a creative process. Approaching the body with a sense of interest and openness to discovery, we will explore how the primary movement motifs and processes of our biology can serve as a metaphor for our creative endeavors. Continuum offers a methodology through which we learn to be receptive to new and unfamiliar patterns moving through us. 

All creative processes offer us the challenge of learning to recognize and welcome that which is unknown. In this module, we will continue to build our perceptual capacity and deepen in our sensory awareness of the silent realm of movement within. Through ongoing practice we gain the experience of moving with an underlying unity and unfolding mystery of life. The nature of the body becomes a resource we learn to trust and rely upon as we meet unknown territory and the emerging possibilities of new innovation. 

This workshop will include explorations of the following inquiries:

  • the relationship of imagination and image-to-body function and expression 
  • the role of creative play and dialogue in all learning processes 
  • how context shapes the possibilities and outcomes of all creative processes

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What is Continuum?

Continuum is a somatic approach through which we can inquire and learn to tune into our bodies as living events, as an ongoing orchestration of communication and resonance, as creative intelligence operating in every cell. 

We can experience that we are movement and that the movement we are can inform the movement we do. We can also experience direct sensory contact with an all-pervasive regulatory dynamic. 

Which background does Continuum have?

Emilie Conrad originated Continuum in the 1960’s and developed it until her passing in 2014. 

This program - taught by an international team of 8 experienced teachers - integrates various decades of Continuum material.

All teachers were trained and authorized directly by Emilie Conrad during different periods of its development. They all carry aspects of the history of the work. By exploring this history, core principles of Continuum can be integrated and new impulses for its ongoing development can organically arise.

How is the Continuum Continuing Education structured?

This program - taught by 8 teachers -  integrates various decades of Continuum material. All teachers studied with Emilie Conrad who originated Continuum in the 1960’s and developed it until her death in 2014.

Emilie Conrad taught in a constant state of inquiry. While each step embedded and enfolded the previous one, it also meant students entering the work in the 80’s were exposed to different material than students entering it in the 2000’s. This program attempts to bring together various Continuum „periods“ by bringing together teachers who were introduced to the work at different times. 

The very nature of Continuum is to witness ourselves as a living process, open to the ongoing evolution of teachings and applications. Even though we follow basic core principles, Continuum remains an ongoing, unfolding inquiry into the mystery of conscious human life. Through the variety of teachers in this program, we hope to encourage students to trust their own inquiry, somatic movement research and to develop their own style.

Curriculum of Continuum, a continuing education

It is possible to participate in this workshop only and it is also possible to start the complete training at any time, as all modules are repeated cyclically. The official start of the new cycle is Feb 5th, 2026. We offer the whole training at a reduced rate.

Module 4

May 16-19, 2024 | Embodiment and the creative process with Robin Becker

  • Empowering us to challenge any self-limiting beliefs that we may have about ourselves, our body-minds, or our personal/professional practices that holds us back from embodying the truths of our deeper river selves
  • We will explore how the principles of Continuum can give us a foundation from which true freedom of expression and exploration can spring forth

Module 5

Oct 03-06, 2024 | Embodied Flow System with Megan Bathory-Peeler   

  • Inviting us to understand the body as a creative process
  • As we approach the body with interest and openness to discovery, we will explore how our biology's primary motives and processes of movement can serve as a metaphor for our creative endeavors
  • Continuum provides a methodology for learning to be receptive to new and unfamiliar patterns moving through us

Module 6

Feb 06-09, 2025 | The art of attention with Tone Gilje

  • Concentration on the the revitalization and activation of our concious awareness
  • As we slow down, we will begin to recognize the familiar patterns, cultural imprints, and limitations that guide our daily activities in life
  • Being aware of these patterns allows us to focus our attention to gentle movements, forms and currents that may still lie in the unknown territory of our organism, waiting to be experienced, felt or expressed in new ways  

Module 7

May 01-04, 2025 | Versatility, bringing inner practice to outer expression with Jane Okondo

  • Allowing us to expand the individual practice with Continuum within the environment
  • It includes, among other things, a deepening of self-inquiring learning, the expansion of the capacity of dynamic stillness and the resolution of known structures into a flowing model of coherence

Module 8

Oct 21-26, 2025 | Ouroborus, moving medicine from the dark with Kai Ehrhardt

  • Dedication to the themes of life cycles, death and initiation
  • This retreat is based on a Continuum sequence, where each element has a different function and effect on the overall system
  • But all of them practice permeability, presence and the ability to surrender from a place of receptivity
  • The last 42 hours were not be interrupted by our speech to allow everyone to engage with their own rhythms and themes

Module 1

Feb 05-08, 2026 | Values, Principles and Methods of Continuum with Mary Abrams

  • Focuses on the principles and values ​​of Continuum and aims to provide a solid experience with the fundamentals of Continuum
  • Focusing our learning on deepening our understanding through practices of breath, sound, movement, touch and testimony along with non-verbal creative expression and verbal dialogue

Module 2

May 07-10, 2026 | Self tending and self care with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes

  • Focuses on enriching and nourishing our organism, to identify patterns that actually work against our system and getting an opportunity to dissolve
  • The revitalizing movements of Continuum change and inform the structure of our organism
  • Through de-acceleration we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, inviting serenity and calmness

Module 3

tba 2026 | The resonante field of the heart with Divo G. Müller

  • Exploration of the resonant field and frequencies of the heart, based upon our embryological heritage, reaching into the  transpersonal resonance with the planetary heart field
  • We come together to build somatic fluidity, emotional resilience and inner soul resources which enable us meeting the unknown
  • In the somatic depth, our essential heart gifts and wounds become accessible and available for healing, transformation and envisioning
  • Unfolding a resonant heart field that invites beyond body, time and space to dwell in the intimacy and connectedness of all beings

For whom is the Continuum training?

This program is for people with different somatic experiences, somatic professionals, therapists, teachers, creatives, leaders, innovators - anyone who has a body - anyone who wants to connect more deeply to what it means to be human.

Many participants take part because of their personal experience and can deepen their practice through the contact with 8 Continuum experts. Some single modules assume previous experience with Continuum.

Which skills can Continuum support and empower?

  • to be empathic and relational
  • to be clear and decisive
  • to orient and adapt
  • to be vital and persevering
  • to self-regulate and harmonize
  • to be autonomous and team-minded
  • to act from the awareness of dynamic context
  • to process and reflect 
  • to be resilient  

Which benefits does the Continuum Training provide?

If you like to become a Continuum teacher, the Continuum Training is necessary, but by itself not sufficient. The process is leaded by the Continuum Teacher Association (CTA). A diverse practice of individual experiences and a qualified mentorship are essential.

With 8 Continuum experts, all of them learned directly from Emilie Conrad and are members in the CTA, the Somatic Academy Berlin offers a high-quality program to integrate Continuum into the context of diverse somatic methods and approaches. Therefore, each individual module also represents a personal gain for individual development and can be booked separately. Taking part of all 8 modules is required for the certification from the SAB.
Kai Ehrhardt, curator of this Continuum training at the Somatic Academy Berlin, is a member of the Continuum Teachers Association (CTA) www.continuumteachers.com and will be the right contact to answer further questions.


20190918_sab team_Robin Becker.jpg

Robin Becker


MA, RSME, is an internationally recognized teacher, dancer, choreographer, and founder of Robin Becker Dance
Her teaching weaves together her lifelong experience in dance, 27-year study of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, 37 years of experience in meditation and contemplative healing practices, and study with Gary David in Epistemics and Affect Script Theory. Robin was selected by Emilie Conrad to be an authorized Continuum teacher in 2001. She has a BA in Dance and a MA in the Humanities. Chapters from her master’s thesis, Continuum: The Alchemy of Movement, have been published in two anthologies on somatic movement practices. She currently teaches at Hofstra University and leads movement workshops nationally and internationally. www.continuumteachers.com



Single module

Complete Continuum Training

If you want to repeat the Continuum training, you get a discount and pay only 2400€. If you want to repeat a single Continuum module, you only pay €190 instead of €425. The possibility of repeating the module depends on the capacity of the room.

Monthly installment are possible: 10 × 340€ or 20 x 180€


16th - 19th of May 2024 | Thursday-Sunday 10:00am - 05:30pm

Curriculum of Continuum, a continuing education

Module 1

19th of February - 22nd of February 2026 | Values, Principles and Methods of Continuum with Mary Abrams

Module 2

tba 2026 | Self tending and self care with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes

Module 3

tba 2026 | The resonante field of the heart with Divo Gitta Müller

Module 4

16th of May -19th of May 2024 | Embodiment and the creative process with Robin Becker

Module 5

03rd of October - 06th of October 2024 | Embodied Flow System with Megan Bathory-Peeler  

Module 6

06th of Febrauary - 09th of February 2025 | The art of attention with Tone Gilje

Module 7

29th of May - 01st of June 2025 | Versatility, bringing inner practice to outer expression mit Jane Okondo

Module 8

21st of Ocotber - 26th of October 2025 | Ouroborus, moving medicine from the dark with Kai Erhardt


10am - 5:30pm
Somatische Akademie Berlin
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
  • Full Price: 425.00 EUR
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This workshop is also a module of the Continuing Education Continuum. The Continuum training will be held in a two-year cycle and consists of eight modules. All of them can be booked separately as well. Taking part to the complete program is possible at any time.

Depending on the module, they will take place at the Somatic Academy or in The Village.

This training will take place here:

Somatische Akademie | Paul-Lincke Ufer 30 | 10999 Berlin
16th - 19th of May 2024 | thursday-sunday 10:00am - 05:30pm

Continuum is offered as a monthly regular 2,5h workshop at the SAB with Kai Ehrhardt.


Robin Becker

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  • Full Price 425.00 EUR
ZahlungBanküberweisung, PayPal
Somatische Akademie Berlin
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30