The Essential Nature of Breath and Movement

- The Essential Nature of Breath and Movement

Module 5 Continuum Training

Movement. Life reveals itself in movement. Exists as movement. Transpires as movement. Life is movement. Every living thing is so imbued with movement that we, as humans, have acclimated, adapted, in a sense - weeded out of our awareness, the presence and potency of movement simply because we are swimming in it and with it. All movement begins with inhaling and exhaling.

Continuum is an inquiry into the movement of movements. How do we move with, nourish and support our primary life force in these times of change and uncertainty? Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, always returned to initiating a deeper intimacy with the Breath - Breath as essential nourishment, Breath as a wave, Breath as a universal link with the source of life, Breath as the primal movement of life itself. When we are able to go beyond our usual adaptive patterns of breathing, new possibilities of support and nourishment for the heart, and for our entire being arises.  

In this module we will explore Breath and Sound as movements that nourish and sustain our connection to our embodied experience as well as to our relationship with the natural world. Extended periods of Silence, Movement, Breath and Sound exploration will allow participants to find their own entry points into a deeper sense of flourishing in their own lives and in their work with others as we explore the fluid anatomy and the presence of breath.

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Beth Pettengill Riley

Beth Pettengill Riley, RSDE/T, MA, CYT is a global leader in somatic movement education and therapy, as well as a seasoned somatic movement activist with over 40 years of experience in facilitating workshops in Continuum, Yoga and Meditation.  She has a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Dance from Stanford University. Beth is an award winning Yoga teacher and founding member of Mt Madonna Center. She was honored as one of 25 Prime Movers of Santa Cruz County at Cabrillo College in 2016 where she served on the dance faculty for over 20 years. Beth is a Signature Yoga Teacher at the new 1440 Multiversity and passionately engages embodiment as a spiritual path while maintaining a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA, assisting individuals in finding greater freedom of movement. She currently serves as President of the board of the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association (ISMETA). She studied extensively with Continuum’s founder for nearly 4 decades.


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Beth Pettengill Riley

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  • Earlybird 390.00 EUR
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SAB Studio 1
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30