Alignement - inner training of the forces

- Alignement - inner training of the forces

EN | 7-day workshop with Roxana Galand

Alignment is the core branch of the NFCD system that gets involved in the construction of our corporeality at the level of physical tissues and mobility.

As the beginning of the journey, the process gets into the participating core of life: in a world that is being built by its own walk. Every living being, from a cell, a tree, a fungus or a human, turns out to be a dynamic pattern in constant exchange with internal and external means: a being that creates and is created in the process of life. Every person, every living being as an edge of history where the new stretch of the road is spawned.

This is why it is necessary to discover how we participate in this unique and peculiar present: what process are we building with our doing? What moves us? What do we do when we do?

Remembering that beliefs, criteria and perspectives about life - and then the body - condition the creation of our path; thus, the practice proposes to stop talking about fixed knowledge and ask ourselves what could be the references to participate in the creation of our living? To this end, we intend to contemplate the ancestral work of life in the involuntary activities of our bodies and in the various forms of life on our planet. The procedures that life found to persist will be the main references since they have allowed us not only to continue to exist but also to create novelties. Memory and invention do not become poles but curves in tension so that the present emerges with the vitality of the river.
In the practice of Alignment we dedicate ourselves to contemplate the life that we are and leave in suspension the known formulations about what to do, to be, to know in order to let us breathe, to dance, to fall, to walk, to explore, to create.

What does the workshop focus on?

Alignment is a process practice that interferes deeply in the construction of our tissues, in the mobility and perception habits that shape our corporeality. The task of reorganizing our posture also involves reviewing how we are thinking our training and our daily life. For this we do a global work on our attention, breathing, ways of moving and on the organization of the tensions of the myofascial system. This physical reorganization leads us to a deep reflection on the ways of participation in the living event that we are.

  • Studies of the attention
  • Studies for the modulation of the will
  • Breathing exercises
  • Postural reorganization exercises
  • Strength and elasticity exercises
  • Studies of touch
  • Motion explorations
  • We do the practice on various structures that explore the bonding side of learning: solos, duos, trios, quartets, the whole group and more.

At the conceptual level, we go through the perspectives, procedures and methodological strategies of the NFCD system that are presented in greater depth in each module.

Which themes/topics were touched?

  • Questions about the references and criteria that organize our practice.
  • Practical contemplation of the event of the breath, what does life do to persist in its existence?
  • Presentation of the “Background Bass” vital references of the NFCD System
  • Practical contemplation of the dance of standing.
  • Bond will-gravity. Relative distribution of forces in the current ecosystem
  • Questions about the will.
  • What means to participate in the living event that we are? Modulations of the will to tune the orchestra mode in our doing.
  • The first dance (are we doing something here?)
  • Range of the will and where it doesn’t interfere. References to participate in the present
  • Introduction to the Flow Lines of the NFCD System
  • Four explorations of the “kneading” : first processes to tune an interlinked way of doing.
  • Exercises: Basic circuit, Basic circuit with extended leg, Basic spines, explorations of movement.

For whom is this workshop recommended?

The NFCD seminars are recommended to practitioners and professionals of the arts and health field, and to anyone interested in the pathways of the body as a way of access to knowledge and expression of human potential.

What about the NFCD System?

NFCD is a system of practices and research that involves the events of the body, forces and dance as fields of access to knowledge for human development.
The system offers the possibility of learning to learn, of embodying knowledge from one's own experience. An experience that is a continuous practice of liberating matter, liberating our being and liberating our dance.
NFCD practices are based on dance as an expanded field of knowledge, perspectives, and procedures that vitalize our action at individual, social and planetary levels.
The process that we invite you to go through influences the construction of the living event that we are and aims to return the power of participation over our bodies, our lives and our health. Understanding the dynamic nature, connected, intertwined and with the possibility of emergence gives a new life to what we do.
The magnitude of human experience weaves every strand of the body, a web of time, habits, feelings, thoughts and dreams. To dance is to engage with these forces.

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Roxana Galand

dancer, researcher, teacher

She investigates the body in dance as a field of personal and social transformation. Creates the system “Nature of Force in the Body and Dance”- NFCD which is developed in 5 branches: Alignment, Body Map, Weft Explorations, Basting Gravity and Classical Biology & Mystery. In 2014 she received the “Metropolitan Fund for Sciences and Arts” to publish a book about her research. Since 2023, she coordinates the Education in Research and Teaching in the NFCD system, which is carried out at its own school in Patagonia, Argentina. Since 1993 she has been working as a teacher sharing her research with teachers and researchers of art and health in Cuba, Mexico, Italy, Peru, Spain, France, Chile and Argentina. She has been creating projects and collective spaces since 2000. As a dancer she actively participates in the contemporary scene.



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Jul 20-26, 2024


each day 9:30am - 1:00pm
Somatische Akademie Berlin
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Roxana Galand

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  • Earlybird 310.00 EUR
  • Full Price 350.00 EUR
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Somatische Akademie Berlin
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30