Gesine Daniels

Gesine Daniels

Gesine Daniels (Berlin/Germany) is a performer, director, and movement-teacher working internationally, dancing and creating in a wide range of events and places from opera to street performance, solo and group work.

Co-founder of SomeBodyElseDanceCompany, which works with Improvisation and Contact Improvisation in their mostly site-specific dance pieces.

Teaching CI, Improvisation and Release-based Technique since 1989 across various communities, in social ghettos, theatre schools, and Universities; working with children in primary schools as well as with educated dancers and with everybody who is willing to study, improvise and compose movement through dancing CI.

Fascinated and drawn by the complexity of the body and its movement possibilities, by the practice of communication and decision-making in Improvisation that CI offers, and by the political and social relevance of this dance form.

Enjoys dancing with students, listening to their dance, and teaching through my body as well as using words and reflecting together.


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