Trauma Recovery: A Somatic approach in building trust and self-confidence in response to Gender-Related violence

- Trauma Recovery: A Somatic approach in building trust and self-confidence in response to Gender-Related violence

Two workshops in conjunction with the BodyIQ festival

A Somatic approach in building trust and self-confidence in response to Gender-Related violence // 10 am - 1 pm

With Martha Eddy and Christa Cocciole

Join two senior teachers who have been helping people across the globe deal with the trauma they have experienced from gender-related violence - any harmful act directed at individuals because of their gender. This will be a laboratory where Christa and Martha each share their approaches to recovery. We invite you to join the process of acknowledging our common ground and our diversity of approaches in finding healing and action in our lives after disruption or harm, and from any form of relational disconnection. 

This is a taste of what professionals can bring into their practices to provide a trauma-informed setting. This will not be a healing session. You will be experimenting with embodied tools and will not need to share your story. This workshop aims at addressing this important topic as well as provide a positive launch to the Body IQ conference for those of you who are staying. 

Some questions addressed will be: 

  • What are the various forms of sexual violence?
  • How to be more Trauma aware when working with groups?
  • How to recognize that someone is triggered and what are some inventions to navigate it?
  • How to create a trauma-sensitive setting?
  • and why is this important when offering somatic work?


BodyMind Dancing // 2 pm - 3:15 pm

With Martha Eddy 

Experience BodyMind Dancing- small steps for moving out stress and trauma

A class to move through what came up in the prior workshop or simply experience the psychophysical potential of somatic movement to music.


Please write to Christa Cocciole to register for the workshop. 


Credits: Christopher Duggan

Ausführliche Seminarinformationen


sab team_Christa Cocciole_2022.jpg

Christa Cocciole

Bewegungstherapeutin - B.A. Psychologie und Tanz - Systemische Therapeutin (DGSF) - Integrative Körpertherapeutin

Christa Cocciole ist eine in Berlin ansässige Körperorientierte Systemtherapeutin (DGSF) und Beraterin für Embodied Leadership. Sie verbindet ihren Hintergrund als Tänzerin, Choreografin und soziale Aktivistin mit ihrer spirituellen Praxis zu einem Ansatz, den sie "Radical Presence: moving with playful compassion" genannt hat. Mit ihrer Arbeit unterstützt sie Organisationen und Communities, um die Resilienz und die systemische soziale Wirkung zu stärken.

 Ihre mehr als 30-jährige internationale Erfahrung als Bewegungstherapeutin mit Spezialisierung auf Trauma hat sie an Orte wie Bosnien während und nach dem Krieg, in psychiatrische Krankenhäuser sowie in die Team- und Gemeinschaftsbildung zu Themen der verkörperten sozialen Gerechtigkeit in den USA und in ganz Europa gebracht. Derzeit arbeitet sie als Therapeutin und Trainerin in ihrer privaten Praxis (live und online) mit Einzelpersonen, Teams, Gruppen und Organisationen.


Martha Eddy

Martha Eddy has been working with children and adults in private practice and in schools and organizations for over 40 years. Gender violence emerges way too often. She has used her years of experience in Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Body-Mind Centering® in helping bring calm and healing to the nervous system. She helped navigate body-based trauma relief for educators and children at Ground Zero post 9/11 in NYC as well as with First Responders with the Red Cross.  She begins an online course with The Shift Network called Resetting the Nervous System also on Nov. 18th. 


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Hinweise Please write to Christa Cocciole to register for the workshop.


Christa Cocciole
Martha Eddy

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  • Sozialpreis 45.00 EUR
  • Full Price 55.00 EUR
  • Supporter Price 70.00 EUR
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SAB Studio 1
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