BODY IQ Festival 2021

Body IQ Festival 2021 - BODY IQ Festival 2021

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BODY IQ 2021 celebrates Bodies of Cultures, Communities & Places

BODY IQ 2021 aims to address questions of embodied recovery & revisioning in the context of global ethical, social & ecological crises and change. Somatic practices have moved beyond a field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning into wider educational, therapeutic, artistic and social-justice contexts.  Body IQ Festival recognises the urgent need for meaningful re-embodiment of increasingly digitalised cultural communities in a pandemic and post-pandemic world. 

BODY IQ 2021 offers forum for practice exchange, practice-theory dialogue, debate, experiment, networking, application and articulation of potential for somatic-activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments. The three-day festival offers workshops, talks, panel-discussions and performances with international presenters. The festival will offer live and online participation and modes of communication in line with codes of safer practice.

// How do we articulate somatic-informed practices as sensitive tools for social and political transformation? 
// How do we address hidden and embodied ideologies, modes of exclusion, oppression and privilege within our growing field? 
// How do we take responsibility for mobilising, activating and organising meaningful ethical embodied interaction in a rapidly changing world? 
// How do we move beyond a historically inscribed ‘whiteness’ of the field towards a making space for global-majority bodies of culture? 
// How can somatic practices contribute toward a re-embodiment of attention and sustainable human interaction with a living world?



BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating and communicating bodies.
Without embodiment there is no experience – without experience there is no foundation for intelligence or cultural evolution.
BODY IQ offers a platform to generate impulses to access the knowledge, wisdom and potential of the conscious human form in communication and action.
BODY IQ Festival has been initiated by Kai Ehrhardt and hosted by Somatische Akademie Berlin in dialogue with international partners since 2015 as a forum for critical engagement with practices of embodiment in socio-political contexts

The title of BODY IQ 2021 has been inspired by the term Bodies of cultures, coined by Resmaa Menekem, Healer, Trauma Specialist and Author of the book ‘My Grandmother’s Hands’ (2017). His ground breaking work raises our awareness of the somatic sources of racial trauma. It suggests that the power for change is to be found in our bodies, and how our brains have been wired through centuries. It refers to white-body supremacy which through colonialist European oppression still impacts our daily life today, and how black, brown, POC bodies are being perceived. Menekem also coined the inspiring term Somatic Abolitionism as an emergent ‘living, embodied anti-racist practice and cultural building —a way of being in the world’. 

Curator team:

// Angela Guerreiro
// Kai Ehrhardt
// Thomas Kampe
// Mäks Roßmöller

Topics include:

// Critical Somatics 
// Somatic Activisms 
// Social Somatics & Applied Somatics 
// Somatics and the creative processes in dance 
// Cultural Somatics and Critical Whiteness 
// Somatic Performance Cultures 
// The Power of Touch in a post-pandemic world 
// Moving Masculinities & Gender 
// De-Colonising the Field 
// De-Centering Whiteness 
// Somatic Education for different Age-Groups 
// Somatics and diverse abilities 
// Re-moving Trauma; Somatics in the Digital Age 
// Intercultural Somatic Networks 
// Eco-Somatics, Post-Humanism & Eco-Crisis 
// Re-Embodiment and/as Re-Empowerment 
// Somatics as micro-activisms in city-environments 
// Theorising Critical Somatic Practices

Presenters Confirmed:

// Adelisa Menghini
// Adesola Akinleye
// Amber Grey
// Ben Spatz
// Carol Swann
// Christa Cocciole
// Funmi Adewole
// Gill Wright Miller
// Glenna Batson
// Heike Kuhlmann
// Intercultural Roots
// Jamie McHugh
// Kai Ehrhardt
// Kate Marsh
// Katja Münker
// Mary Abrams
// Marion Evers
// Martha Eddy
// Melissa Rolnick
// Peter Pleyer
// Rae Johnson
// Royston Maldoom
// Sandra Reeve
// Thomas Kampe
// Tiago Gambogi
more to come soon….


// The call for applications is now closed. 
// As the curator team, we are delighted to navigate through the numerous and exciting proposals we received to let the program of the BODY IQ 2021 emerge.

// We will get back to all applicants after March 14th.
// Should you have questions regarding the application please send us an email to:

** Please visit our dedicated Body IQ Festival 2021 website to follow the latest updates about the team and the program. The detailed program will be published at the beginning of March.



Kai Ehrhardt

Gründer der Somatischen Akademie Berlin, Atemtherapeut nach Prof. Ilse Middendorf, Continuum Lehrer und Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapie).
"Ich hatte die Ehre und das Privileg bei den beiden Gründerinnen Ilse Middendorf und Emilie Conrad zu lernen und freue mich diese Arbeit weitergeben zu dürfen." Seit 2012 entwickelt Kai an der Somatischen Akademie sowohl professionelle Aus- und Fortbildungen sowie Programme, die sich der regelmäßigen Anwendung der Somatik im Alltag widmen. Seit 2015 ist er Mitkurator des Festivals Body IQ. Seit 2003 entwickelte er den Methodenansatz "Authentic Eros", welcher als somatische Anwendung Körperarbeit, Partnerschaftskommunikation und gruppendynamische Prozesse im Bereich Sexualität und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung integriert. Er ist Mitglied der Berufsverbände AtemContinuum und ISMETA

20190918_sab team_Thomas Kampe.jpg

Thomas Kampe

Thomas Kampe (PhD) lebt und arbeitet seit 1986 als Dozent, Choreograf und Tänzer in London. 

Er war Mit-Leiter des Chisenhale Dance Space in London und arbeitet als Dozent für Bewegungslehre an der Bath Spa University in Grossbritannien. Tanzausbildung am Laban Centre in London. Langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit der jüdischen Ausdruckstanz-Choreographin Hilde Holger (1905-2001). Leitung der Tanzabteilung an der London Metropolitan University von 2002-2012. Ausbildung zum Feldenkrais Pädagogen in Lewes (2003), Großbritannien.
2013 hat Thomas seine choreographische Doktorarbeit abgeschlossen (PhD) mit dem Titel: ‘The Art of Making Choices: The Feldenkrais Method as a Choreographic Resources.’


70 € (concession) // 90 € (standard) // 120 € (supporter)



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Kai Ehrhardt
Thomas Kampe

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  • Sozialpreis 70.00 EUR
  • Full Price 90.00 EUR
  • Supporter Price 120.00 EUR
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