Embodied Flow Systems: Adaptable, Resilient, Relevant, and Responsible

10:00 - 18:00 UhrOrt: Somatische Akademie Berlin

Continuum A Moving Inquiry Training Program
Module 6. 
Embodied Flow Systems: Adaptable, Resilient, Relevant & Responsible

In this module we will continue with, and build upon, the themes and teachings of the previous 5 modules. 
In this part of the training, we will focus our attention on embodying the guiding principle of Continuum that the human body is a fluid organism in resonance with all life on this planet and with the movements of the cosmos.
It follows logically that if water in inherently adaptable and the human body is primarily water then we, too, as human beings are also inherently adaptable, flexible, and open to change.

  • How then, do we help our systems become more resilient and recover more quickly from unexpected challenges, blockages, or difficulties?
  • How can we become more self-sufficient and sustainable in our use of our own life-force?
  • How do we connect this thing that we do on the floor to what is relevant, to what supports the rest of our lives, and allows us to actively respond to what is needed in the world?

Human beings are not isolated, closed systems. We are open systems of flow where there is an active exchange of information, energy and materials between each individual and our surroundings. If we think of the body-mind as a river and the “source” is the central axis of the body and the earth/cosmos is the “ocean,” in order for the river to flow freely to the ocean, the “streams” of connection through the extremities must be opened up first.

The sounds, movements, and breaths we utilize in Continuum are instrumental in the clearing of any upstream blockage and restoring the downstream flow of information in our body-mind rivers. This supports state of resonance between the cultural, cosmic, and primordial/undulating aspects of our body-mind.

This module will empower us to challenge any self-limiting beliefs that we may have about ourselves, our body-minds, or our personal/professional practices that holds us back from embodying the truths of our deeper river selves. We will explore how the principles of Continuum can give us a foundation from which true freedom of expression and exploration can spring forth..

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Beginn: 4. Juli 2019, 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 7. Juli 2019, 18:00 Uhr
Kurskosten:€ 425 (single Module) / € 3400 (full program)
Kurskosten Earlybird:€ 2900 (bis 30.09.2017)
Kurssprache:DE + EN

Infos und Anmeldung

Continuum Training 200h
December 2017 - February 2020

Module 1: Dec 07 – 10, 2017
Values, Principles, and Methods of Practice with Mary Abrams, USA.
Module 2: Mar 15 – 18, 2018
Selbstfürsorge & Selbstwirksamkeit with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffes, DE
Module 3: Jun 28 – Jul 01, 2018
Embodied Inquiry, Interest and Presence with Linda Rabin, Ca

Module 4: Oct 25 – 28, 2018
Embodiment and the Creative Process with Robin Becker, USA
Module 5: Jan 31 – Feb 03, 2019
Erfahrbares Herz with Catherine Kocher, CH
Module 6: Jul 04 – 07, 2019
Embodied Flow Systems: Adaptable, Resilient, Relevant & Responsible with Megan Bathory-Peeler, USA
Module 7: Oct 31 – Nov 03, 2019
Versatility, bringing inner Practice to outer Expression with Jane Okondo, UK

Module 8: Feb 04 – 09, 2020
6 days / Overnighter with Kai Ehrhardt, DE

Program entry possible anytime. You do not have to attend the entire program.

Cost of full program 3400 €
Earlybird of full program 2900 €
10 installments full program 10 x 340 €
20 installments full program 20 x 180 €
Single module 425 €

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Hinweis: Dieser Workshop ist Teil der Fortbildung Continuum (200h). Als Ganzes ist diese Fortbildung jeweils eine im Rahmen des SAB-Ausbildungskonzeptes anerkannte Spezialisierungen im Teil C. Teilnehmer*innen der gesamten Fortbildung bekommen zusätzlich Mentoring für den eigenen Prozess und erhalten vorrangig einen Platz.