What is the Somatic Academy Berlin?

The goal of the Somatic Academy Berlin is to raise awareness in society about the living body as the principal source through which we do and experience anything. It is the original instrument that perceives and creates all other instruments.

The Somatic Academy's main focus is the body, not the method.

When the body becomes part of our objective and subjective awareness, we gain access to a deeper understanding about the interconnections between health, psychology, creativity, the "social body" and politics.

The awareness of one's own living body cultivates a dialogue between oneself, society, and nature.

The tangible experience of the body is source and resource for health, artistic expression, and personal development, and goes far beyond just a 'functioning' body.

The work and research field of 'somatics' was first described in America. It includes a wide array of holistic, physically centred practices that make it possible to be both autonomous and relational, self-empowered and empathic, to be connected to both oneself and to a larger whole.

Down into the depths of our bodies, from the skin to the bone marrow, lies hidden the ecstatic experience of our own existence. This sustains us, renews us, encourages and emboldens us to follow our own paths.

The Somatic Academy Berlin strives to create a vital and lively research context: promoting interdisciplinary and international research, teaching, learning, and the everyday practice in this area.

We gather and illuminate the large variety of perspectives within the field of somatics. We discuss the respective limits of the disciplines, and the possibilities of inter-disciplinary complementation and support.

The Somatic Academy Berlin offers professional forms of teaching and learning in this vein. The academy's offerings are for laypersons and professionals, for individuals, groups, and institutions. It establishes connections between academic knowledge and experiential/practical knowledge gained from body-oriented methods. The academy promotes the recognition of subjective, experiential knowledge as an essential part of scholarship.