From Head to Heart…

From Head to Heart…
mit Joris Camelin

montags 08:30-10:30 (not every week)
Dates 2017: 13.11. – 20.11. – 11.12. – 18.12.
Studio 1

I open here a door to anyone interested and curious, beyond age, gender or profession.
Seeding softness, quietness and playful interactions.
Opening the senses, the body and the voice to find
A gentle meeting point,
A light and deep encounter with the self.
Opening the week, preparing for work, meetings, encounters, whatever comes and has to be…

How do you feel this morning?
Re-learning how to observe rather than to judge, how to welcome the day and the moment, without planning, without controlling, without knowing!
Poetry and magic of the moment.
With simplicity, letting ourselves being human rather than social.

Joris Camelin 
He danced for several years around the world and taught in many festivals, theatre and dance academies across Europe.
In his teaching, he left behind any idea of technics and virtuosity in order to meet the ability and the simplicity of sharing with all kind of people.
He was therefore in the last years coaching musicians, teaching and collaborating with architects and landscape architects, partnering with High schools and Universities.


Probestunde: 10 € - Einzelstunde: 15 € - Monatlich: 45 € (ermässigt 40 €)
10erkarte: 140 € (ermässigt 120 €)/ 5erkarte: 70 €
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: Joris Camelin