Environmental Somatics EN

Advanced Training in Environmental Somatics (200h)

A qualification in body- and movement-perception-methods for specific pedagogical and creative applications in outdoor contexts

>> Start Saturday 27. April 2019
>> Probetag:
Saturday 2 February 2019

The training in Environmental Somatics is a 200-hour, part-time specialization in somatic pedagogy for mediating, accompanying, or creative applications of somatics in outdoor contexts. Within the overall training system of SAB (Somatische Akademie Berlin), it is a part C program. In 5 modules over 2 years, the training includes basic principles of somatic pedagogy, practice, research and documentation, and their application in different urban and natural environments. The particular relations and interdependencies in and with the environment will be tested, analyzed and discussed. Improvisational and compositional principles support the versatile adaptation of somatic practice to cultural, social, architectural, aesthetic and landscaped conditions.

Video Streetlife - Environmental Somatics Workshop - 





Somatics Video Streetlife - Environmental Somatics Workshop

Didactic Principles
The training combines fundamentals of the Feldenkrais Method, experiential anatomy, improvisational strategies, and meditation practices with outdoor activities in urban and natural environments, as well as with somatic pedagogy. It is a qualification in physical and movement-awareness practices with specific implementations in the outdoor area.

Body Environment, Orientation, Action

The goal of the training is the practical and ethical application of body perception methods in outdoor activities and in public space, as well as the development and realisation of individual thematic and site-specific somatic outdoor projects.

The advanced training is suitable for
People who want to learn perception-based relatedness and meaningful action in an environmental fabric, and how to influence it creatively and constructively. Also as advanced training for educators, city planners, and architects, among others.

Aim for the training:
Practical & ethical application of body- and movement-perception-methods in outdoor activities and in public space.

Final of the 200h-training-program:
Development + realization of an individual, topic and site specific, somatic outdoor event.

Participation in the training-program for personal interest:
You are welcome to participate in single modules of the program in case you don't need the certification for professional reasons. Please notice that you can't book the last module indepentently from the others!

Dates of advanced training:

tba // Fundamentals of Somatic & Artistic Research / Documentation // Berlin
27. April - 01. Mai 2019 
// Body + Environment (Berlin & urban hinterland)
28. September - 5. Oktober 2019 
// Orientation & Paths (Alps)
(Allgäu, www.alpe-huberlesschwand.de)
26. April - 03. Mai 2020 (Easter)
// Dimensions & Connectedness (Destination tba)
29. September - 04. Oktober 2020  
// Design of Environmental References - Somatic Composition (Berlin & urban hinterland)

This year (2018) I still will run the 1 week modul Body & Environment from 27.4.-1.5.2018


Total price for certified advanced training: 2200 €
Early Bird unti: 1900 € (until 16.02.2019)
Installments: 12 x 230 €

+ Costs of trip to Allgäu (about 400, - / person for accommodation + meals / travel expenses extra)
+ Costs of trip to Crete (about 400, - / person for accommodation + meals / travel expenses extra)

Einzelne Module als Selbsterfahrung:
Module 1: 190 € (Earlybird tba 160 €)
Module 2: 500 € (Earlybird 16.02.2019: 400 €)
Module 3: 600 € (Earlybird 31.07.2019: 500 €)
Module 4: 600 € (Earlybird 15.02.2020: 500 €)

Teachers Team

Katja Münker: Feldenkrais Teacher, Choreographer, Mountain Guide



Guest Teachers:
Andrea Keiz:
Video Documentation / Video Art
Susanne Martin:
PhD, Dance / Performance / Research
Undine Eberlein:
Dr. phil.

Information und Booking: Katja Muenker / muenker@somatische-akademie.de