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Somatic Intensive Training 2017
6 Week-End with Heike Kuhlmann

This Intensive training is for people working creatively or wanting to work creatively. Through the somatic methods of Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and the principles of Body Mind Centering® we will dive into a creative process with ourselves and others. On each weekend we explore one of the umbrella topics: attunement, connection, trust, boundaries, autonomy and support. We will work with specific structures, Body systems, parts of our development and we will ask specific questions as a starting point for our journey and see how they reflect in our body, body system, anatomical structure, developmental movement patterns. We reveal what is needed to allow us to unfold artistically, without the restriction of old patterns.

We will develop the themes and ideas that arise from this creatively, deepening our artistic expression supported by dance, improvisation and composition techniques. During each weekend we will work with improvisation and instant composition, as well as on the development of  solo- and group pieces.

Dates 2017

WE 1                 Saturday 10 - Sunday 11 February 2017

WE 2                 Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 March 2017

WE 3                 Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 April 2017

WE 4                 Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 June 2017

WE 5                 Saturday 09 - Sunday 10 September 2017

WE 6                 Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 October 2017

6 Weekends

WE 1  


  • How do I attune to myself, to others?
  • How is my relationship to myself and to others?
  • How do I stand in the world?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I express my needs?
WE 2   Trust
  • What does trust mean for me?
  • Inside of me, in my body?
  • How do I trust myself, others?
  • How much do I trust my being and my doing personality?
WE 3   Contakt
  • How am I in contact with myself and others, with the world and my artistic expression?
WE 4   Autonomy
  • Independance, collectivity
  • how much autonomy is healthy?
  • how much companonship is supportive?
WE 5   Support
  • How and where do I get and give support?
  • In what way does my attitude to giving and receiving love affect my artistic?
WE 6   Integration
  • This weekend is for integration of the year, we will also decide during the year,
    if we will create a performance

Heike Kuhlmann live and work in Berlin as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and bodyworker. I am an Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapist (DiplIBMT), student from Linda Hartley, and hold an MA in Performance Studies/Choreography.
I am interested in the integration of body and mind into our dance and our life. This manifests in being present in the different layers of our body, researching new movement impulses, and repatterning by becoming more aware of our habits. I love to dive into the immense ocean of my body to discover myself as I am and in new ways, and to meet others.
In the last years I have taught in Brasil, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and England and performed in several works internationally. In Berlin I teach contemporary dance, Embodied Anatomy based on the principles of Body-Mind Centering® (BMC), Contact Improvisation, and Mornin´Movin´ classes.
I am organizing jams, research events, and workshops.

Earlybird (untill 15 November 2016): 720 €

Normal: 900 €


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