Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage Basics Training

Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage (ITMM) Basics Training

to the inside: centering - deepening - sensing
to the outside: moving - touching - connecting

Thai Yoga Massage is a massage form from Thailand and is called there "Nuad Phaen Boran" (ancient healing massage). It originated in India and contains elements of Ayurveda and Yoga. 
Beside the original style a more dynamic contemporain style had been developed in the recent years.  The massage is conducted while lightlely dressed on a comfortably padded floor mat.
 Palms, fingers, arms, legs and the bodyweight are used having an effect on both the receiver and the giver. 

This Basic Formation offers in six modules the essentiel practice tools of Traditional Thai Massage and its energetic Meridian System ( Sip Sen).

For whom the approach is recommended and suitable

  • for people, who are looking for a balancing and effective method  to support physical movement ability  and relaxation
  • for movement and yoga practioner, who are looking for a new, individual, Hearing access and who want to deepen their practice
  • for educators and health practioners , looking for a further education, which combines  practical abilities   and the ones own intuitive potential.
  • for interested people of other somatic methods, who want to widen their perspective and experience.

Formation (Details)

PART 1 (Modules 1-3): Introduction into ITMM Massage / Basic Priciples of Touch

  • Module 1: Thai Massage Practice 1
    Focus on Prone Position (laying on the back)) + Neck/Face
  • Module 2: Thai Massage Practice 2
    Focus: Side Position and use of foot for the massage
  • Module 3: Thai Massage Practice 3
    Focus: Belly Position and sitting position + Deepening Use of Arm/Hand/ Ellbow

PART 2 (Modules 4-6: Energy und Meridian Work

  • Module 4: Thai Meridian 1 and deepening of massage and intuitive tools of ITTM
    Focus: Centering and Balancing the left and right body side
  • Module 5 :Thai Meridian 2 and deepening of massage and intuitive tools of ITTM
    Focus: Detoxification and Balancing of the emotional body
  • Module 6: Thai Meridian 3 and combinding/refinding of massage and intuitive tools of ITTM
    Focus: Special Symptoms

Introduction and Practice Days

20. May 201724. June 2017 09.September 2017 // 10am - 4pm

Dates Training 2016/17:

Part 1 - Module 1: Saturday 21.- Sunday 22. October 2017

Part 1 - Module 2: Saturday 18.- Sunday 19. November 2017

Part 1 - Module 3: Saturday 16.- Sunday 17. December 2017

Part 2 - Module 4: Saturday 03.- Sunday 04. February 2018

Part 2 - Module 5: Saturday 17.- Sunday 18. March 2018

Part 2 - Module 6: Saturday 28.- Sunday 29. April  2018


Zahiro Kai practices Thai Yoga Massage since many years. During his yearly periods of stays in Asia, he learned this massage form and other energetic bodywork in various courses at all import schools in Thailand. Since 2008 he is as well a teacher for Thai Yoga Massage. Since 2012 Heis as a state licened natural health professional (Heilpraktiker) and combines the balancing effect of his body-work with his dynamic movement work as a GYROTONIC ® und GYROKINESIS ® Trainer.

: ulrike rüb)

Teil 1: Modul 1-3: Saturday 10.00 - 14.00 History / Introduction , Body Warm Up, Techniqiues  and Massagesequence  Part 1
  Saturday 15.00 - 18.00 Continuiation of Techniques, Massagesquence Part 2 and "Tools" of intuitive Touch
  Sunday 10.00 - 12.30
            13.30 - 16.00

Repetition and Deepening of the practice of the day before
Final guided massage sequence with all elements

Teil 2: Modul 4-6 Saturday 10.00 - 14.00

Physical Warm Up. Intuitive Exercises. Presentation/ Outline  of one Thai Meridian
Practical Application in an extended  massage sequence

  Saturday 15.00 - 18.00

Continuation of the exercises and morning practice .Presentation/ Outline of another Thai Meridian
Practical Application in an extended  massage sequence

  Sunday 10.00 - 12.30
            13.30 - 16.00

Repetition and Deepening of the practice of the day before
Final guided massage sequence with all elements of the presented meridians









Price for 72 hours of teaching, general textbook and videos of the Formation
Early Bird  till 31. July 2016: 750 € (i.e. 125 € / we)
Basic Price: 900 € (i.e. 150 € / we)
Six Installment Tuition: 6 x 160 €

Contact and further information:

Booking: here

Voices of participants of recent courses (in german)
Stimmen von TeilnehmerInnen aus der vorherigen Ausbildung und Kursen:

“Was mir gefallen hat waren viel Praxis. Aufteilung u. Abstand zwischen den Fortbildungszeiten und ein guter Austausch mit den anderen Teilnehmern . Ein schönes Ausbildungsprogramm und eine tolle Athmospäre: ” Stimme einer Physiotherapeutin

“Eine ganz wunderbare Möglichkeit Basiswissen in der ITMM zu erlangen. Diese Weiterbildung, die Struktur und das Konzept hat mich inspiriert, mich vertiefend und weitergehend mit der ITMM zu beschäftigen” Stimme einer Gymnastiklehrerin und Körperarbeitstherapeutin

“Besonders gut gefallen hat mir die Verbindung zwischen physisch fassbaren (Muskulatur, Knochen) und energetischer Heilung ( Meridiane) und die entspannte Lernathmosphäre.” Stimme einer Physiotherapeutin und Bewegungslehrerin

“Besonders gefallen hat mir das viel Rücksicht auf individuelle Bedürfnisse genommen wurde. Ich traue mich nun mehr meiner Intuition zu folgen und zu vertrauen. Das ist sehr wertvoll für mich. ” Stimme einer Körperpsychotherapeutin in Ausbildung